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Earth 2160

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: ZuxxeZ / Midway
Developer: Reality Pump

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'Earth 2160' Developer Chat

by Rainier on April 8, 2004 @ 10:34 a.m. PDT

Only a few thousand humans managed to escape from the Earth before its collapse in 2150 A.D. They spent the next few years on the terra forming of the red planet, developing new technologies and building up new civilisations. Somehow each of the three fractions "Eurasian Dynasty", "United Civilised States" and "Lunar Corporation" did this independently and separately from each other - but in the year 2160 something strange happens in this new world. If ED, UCS and LC join forces or continue their old war against each other - is possibly now, up to the player. Beside the usual venues in the solar system, there are some strange looking locations: planets with moving and reflecting liquid surfaces. And beside the standard RTS - resources acquisition, base building and destruction of enemy bases, the year 2160 will have some adventure inspired tasks for the players.
All the answers to all the questions about Earth 2160 will be online in the Adrenaline Vault special coming up over the Easter break. Find out all you want to know about this sensational future game from Zuxxez and Reality Pump Studios. Three people in the know will be hosting the forum over the long weekend, so ask those Q’s at Avault's Earth 2160 forum
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