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'True Crime: Streets of L.A' - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 9, 2004 @ 3:17 a.m. PDT

In True Crime: Streets of L.A., players assume the role of rogue Elite Operations Division (E.O.D.) operative Nick Kang, a no-holds-barred badass, whose brutal reputation and lethal skills have landed him the nasty task of taking down the Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia cartel that has turned the City of Angels into a war zone. Read more to check out 20 new PC screens or check the PC exclusive Sandwich Man character in action!

Get the True Crime: Streets Of LA trailer off Worthplaying (12mb)

True Crime™: Streets of LA™ delivers the deepest combination of driving, fighting and shooting ever seen in one game. From car-to-car combat and martial arts brawls to double-fisted, slow motion gunplay, players become immersed in the gritty underworld of a completely realistic Los Angeles, fighting crime as the lethal ex-cop Nick Kang. The upcoming PC release includes all the action of the console versions, plus five new multiplayer modes as well as new weapons, music, character skins and more.


  • All-new features for the PC version—True Crime™ Streets of LA™ for the PC includes five exclusive multiplayer modes—The Chase, Dojo Master, Street Racing, Crime Stoppers and Battle Master. Plus, utilize new weapons such as rocket launchers, crossbows or bats and check out even more music and character skins.
  • Triple-threat gameplay:
    • Driving elements include 360-degree shooting and precision targeting from your vehicle, stunts, car-to-car combat, races, tailing objectives, chases and escapes.
    • Fighting elements include martial arts brawls, one-on-one showdowns, training sessions and stealth infiltrations. Take down enemies with a dizzying array of punches, kicks, combinations, grapples, stealth kills and finishing moves.
    • Shooting elements feature double-fisted firepower with the ability to handle a different weapon in each hand, massive gunfights, slow motion dives, precision targeting for enhanced accuracy, targeting multiple enemies at once, stealth moves and human shield
  • The freedom of a branching storyline—The action is non-stop as players battle through an unpredictable branching storyline where actions have consequences. Success leads in one direction, failure another. Leave the storyline to take down random crimes occurring throughout the city, build up your skills in training sessions, shake down citizens across the city or just explore.
  • The real L.A. captured—Cover 240 square miles of an accurately re-created Los Angeles. Your jurisdiction includes all the streets, freeways and neighborhoods that make L.A. the world’s seediest playground.
  • RPG-style skill building—Improve your driving, fighting and shooting skills and learn new tricks by training in dojos, firing ranges and driving courses as you progress through the game.
  • The Doggfather—Unlock and play as Snoop Dogg, complete with your own customized convertible with hydraulics.
  • West Coast hip-hop soundtrack—Clean up LA to a pumping hip-hop soundtrack featuring over 50 original songs written for the game by stars like Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection (Ice Cube, Mac-10, WC), Lil Eazy E and many more.

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