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'Breed' Ships To Stores In North America

by Rainier on April 9, 2004 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT

About "BREED"

"BREED," a sci-fi tactical shooter, skillfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology. Using both first and third person viewpoints, gamers can take control of a variety of vehicles - from standard ground troops to APCs and drop ships - to do battle with the alien Breed both in orbit and on Earth's surface.

The sheer diversity of weapons, vehicles, and geographical locations allows every mission to offer a refreshingly different challenge. Players can enter an underground bunker on foot, drive their jeep across rough terrain, or pilot fighter crafts down a heavily guarded canyon. The objective is simple: halt the invasion of the Breed and stop the destruction of mankind!

Features for "BREED" include:

  • 3D graphics in lush cinematic-quality: first-rate video sequences and amazingly detailed vehicles, weapons, and special effects
  • Large arsenal, including assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, grenade and rocket launchers, and plasma slingers
  • Variety of vehicles for land, sea, air, and space combat: fighter jets, landing crafts, tanks, jeeps and buggies
  • Seamless terrain/orbit transition - battle across space, through the atmosphere and directly on Earth
  • A full single-player game with 18 diverse missions

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