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'Gun Warrior' (Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Rainier on May 26, 2004 @ 1:48 a.m. PDT

'Gun Warrior' is an action shooter game placed in the realities of Wild West. The major Player's activity is eliminating hundreds enemies passing through mission-based bloody journey as well as during the duels. Gun Warrior is not only mission-based shooter. The length play of game has been increased by implementing three extra game modes: Target Range trainings, Multiplayer duels, and Gunfighter's Tournament. Read more for new screens...

The player impersonates in the role of Cole Tilghman, searching for justice and revenge. From the story told, we get to know that a few years earliet Pat Brown and Bill Slaughter murdered his wife and daughter, and his property became lost. Cole will not rest untill Brown and Slaughter are in the graves and he himself gets back his rancho. Realistic graphics and special effects will make you feel as if you were in a real western. Chase, shooting , fights along with complex plot will make you identify with the games reality.

Key Features :

  • the game is based on the graphic environment RenderWare, which ensures the best setting of the special effects as well as it ensures to the editor the possibility to publish the game on 4 platforms,
  • maximum realism level – real simulation of wild west,
  • multiplot action, making the game more complex, atrractive and unforseen,
  • variety of 30 missions such as: catching the criminals, protection of the town against thugs, chase by stagecoach, shooting competition, etc..
    complex AI system improving the competiton with the rivals,
  • games within the game such as: card games in Saloon, shooting tournament, hand wrestling, breaking in bulls, wild horses and many others
    a dozen or so opponents,
  • a dozen or so different kinds of weapons to choose from
  • gameplay possibility and mission transmission in the team together with one's buddies (multiplayer option)

A Game Different Than Most Others :

  • Maximum realism – being shot.
    Realistic level of taking wounds. Critical hits (e.g. from short distance, in the head etc.) can take the character down by one shot, others can cripple limbs making e.g. use of two-hands riffle weapons impossible.
  • Maximum realism – healing mode.
    There are no ‘life updates' or ‘energy-portions' to be found in the game. The only method to treat our injuries is use of the First Aid Kit taken from our home or medic or Indian sorcerer. ecause of long (quite realistic) healing times, this First Aid Kit should be used under safe circumstances (not in the heat of a fight).
  • Healing mode is displayed in first person perspective – sitting, looking down at the own body, this allows to see almost every body part of the character. One can bandage his arm, leg or treat other wounds. The First Aid Kit consists of components such as: bandages, Indian painkillers and antibacterial liquids and herbs.

Life indicator.

  • What is the best method to show the player's level of life without using unrealistic hit-points or indicators?
  • The answer is simple. Instead of displaying anything on the screen we express it acoustically.
  • The player hears his breath and heartbeat, and according to the level and volume of its sound he can qualify his health.

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