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'Samurai Warriors' (Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on May 31, 2004 @ 2:16 p.m. PDT

Set in 16th century Japan, the fall of the Ashikaga Shogunate caused a series of major wars between individual warlords vying for power. This era in Japanese history became known as the Sengoku or "warring states" period. 'Samurai Warriors' reveals the stories from this dramatic era and combines it with the Tactical Action excitement for which KOEI has become known. Read more for new screens...

Gamers can play as the heroic Yukimura Sanada or other legendary warriors including the powerful Nobunaga Oda, and the mysterious ninja, Hanzo Hattori. Their quests will take players to the sprawling Japanese battlefields of Okehazama and Kawanakajima and inside the embattled walls of Osaka Castle. Through 90 stages of epic battles, players will come face-to-face with gun-toting troops, echelons of ninja, and deadly kunoichi (female ninja).

SAMURAI WARRIORS features a new Active Mission System, or AMS, that triggers distinct missions during battle. With 500 variations, the series of missions
is unique with each play. The new Auto-Formation System, or AFS, dynamically generates castle levels offering a new experience with each play. With the game's RPG-style Character Skills System, players can enhance a character's abilities as they progress through the game.

Enhancements For Xbox

  • In-game Dolby® Digital sound puts players in the middle of the action.
  • More characters per screen for even more challenging battles.

Features :

  • 15 playable characters plus a New Officer Mode where you can create your own warrior.
  • Over 90 stages of epic battles.
  • Two Player Co-op and Versus Modes.
  • 7 Challenge Modes plus a new Survival Mode, and Free Mode.
  • The new AFS (Auto-Formation System) dynamically generates castle levels offering a new experience with each play. Circular blades, false staircases, and other traps lay hidden within castle environments.
  • The new AMS (Active Mission System) triggers distinct missions during battle. With 500 variations, the series of missions is unique with each play.
  • Improve a warrior’s abilities with the Character Skills System, never-before-seen in any Tactical Action game.
  • Game environments are rendered in deeply saturated chromatic tones while seasonal and time elements enhance the lush visuals.
  • Use katana (sword), shuriken (throwing stars), kusarigama (sickle and chain), kunai (daggers), and other lethal weapons.
  • Unique character specific behaviors emphasize the personality of each character.
  • Scenarios are based on historical accounts and fictional tales. Players will do battle along the Nakajima River, within the castles of Azuchi and Odawara, and many more exotic locales.

A New Class Of Warriors

  • There are initially 5 characters to choose from, with 10 more to unlock. The scenarios and stages available will change based on the character you choose.
    Yukimura Sanada Hanzo Hattori Oichi Kenshin Uesugi


Free mode is similar to the Free mode in Dynasty Warriors®4. Select a character, and then select a scenario from one of the other characters. The number of scenarios and stages will increase when certain conditions are met in Story mode.


In Story mode and Free mode 2 players can play in a co-op format. At the Character Select screen, a prompt will appear in the upper right hand corner. Press START on controller 2 to add a second player.


In New Officer mode, rather than edit the way a character appears, you can choose a new character then train your character to become a samurai. Characters created in New Officer mode can be used in all of the other game modes.


Players can compete for the top Survival mode record. Using a password generated by the game, records in Survival mode can be posted on’s Samurai Warriors Internet Ranking page. This feature is available in both the PlayStation®2 and Xbox® versions. Website content may be changed or discontinued without prior notice. For more details, visit:


The Sanada family crest, referred to as "Rokumon-sen,” is made up of six circles with squares in the centers of each. This represents six coins that are aligned three columns across and two rows down. Rokumon-sen stands for the toll that must be paid to cross the Sanzu River. According to an old Japanese religious tale, the Sanzu River runs between this world and the spirit world.

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