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'Eidos' E3 2004 Lineup

by Rainier on May 7, 2004 @ 3:36 p.m. PDT

Eidos reinforces its dedication to developing platform-leading, content-rich brands. Among the games highlighted during the show are: Hitman: Contracts, Imperial Glory, Get On Da Mic, Singles ­ Flirt up your Life, Crash ‘n’ Burn and Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood. Read more for details on each title ...

Hitman: Contracts: When you kill for money, there are no rules, only contracts to be executed. Hitman: Contracts™ takes you deeper into the mind of Agent 47. Enter a world of crime, sin and greed. Encounter his greatest adversaries, completing the work that made him so ruthlessly efficient and deadly precise, the ones that shaped him as an assassin. Travel anywhere the work requires, to assignments in Paris, Hong Kong, Siberia, England and many more. Understand nothing counts except the target. Take on the role of 47 and do what you must to get the job done, because in the hands of a professional Hitman everything becomes a weapon. For the PS2, Xbox and PC

Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood places gamers deep in the heart of Small Town America, USA. Backyard Wrestling Inc. has announced "your town" as the location of its first live pay per view. They've put a million dollars cash prize on the line for the wrestler who's got what it takes to destroy every obstacle in their way to the main event and ultimately the unified BYW championship.
Defeating the most hardcore backyard wrestlers will not be enough; as the lure of "easy money" has attracted the attention of the most violent professional wrestlers to ever set foot in a ring. When hardcore backyard brawlers, chair swinging backyard babes and blood thirsty professional wrestlers choose your town as their battle field...There Goes The Neighborhood! For the PS2 and Xbox

Crash ‘n’ burn is all about mods. Choose a hot ride, customize it, floss it, and race it. Modify it with an array of body kits, spoilers large and small and finally top it off with some custom paint and vinyl. Supercharge your ride for high horse power thrills, get the nitrous ready and then take it to the mean streets of Miami, San Francisco, L.A. and New York, show the competition what your ride is made of. When the race starts all you see are 15 shiny cars ahead of you. Your primary objective is to take first place at all costs; your secondary objective is to make sure no one else finishes. Side swipe, T-bone, and spin out your opponents. Run them into barriers, rip, shred and tear their cars apart. Laugh as you leave their cars a-blaze behind in a burning heap of metal and rubber you as you pass them for the win. The last driver with four wheels left wins. Then do it again, online, with 15 of your friends. For the PS2, Xbox and PC.

Get On Da Mic: You think you have what it takes to make it to the top of the Hip Hop game? Then Get On Da Mic and prove it! You’ll start your career as an up and coming rap star on the mean streets of your neighborhood. As you gain respect in the game you’ll get a chance to cut your first demo, then an album, and if you’re good enough you’ll finally blow up the mic at your own concert. Go from broke to bling, there’s nothing more fabulous than the life of a rap star. For the PS2

Imperial Glory: Forge the destiny of the world amid the turbulent times of the early 19th century. Lead one of the Great Empires in titanic conflicts, or achieve economic dominance backed by shrewd diplomats and resolute military. Choose to rule as absolute despot or constitutional monarch. Unleash Hussars, Lancers, Dragoons and Imperial Guards across more than 50 battle maps ­ from the green fields of England, to the icy wastes of Russia and sweeping deserts of Morocco ­ all in stunning, full 3D. Fight for naval dominance in breathtaking, real-time sea battles. This is an age of change - be at the leading edge of modernity or your civilization will fall by the wayside.

Singles ­ Flirt up your Life: Get ready to look good and strut your stuff. Singles - Flirt up your Life is taking you where no computer game has dared to go. If you’ve ever wanted to play a game where the goal is to get down and get busy, then look no further. Singles ­ Flirt up your Life is an Adults Only game that promises to show you the real results of playing cupid. For the PC, electronic distribution.

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