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'The Saga Of Ryzom' Gets Delayed - Screens

by Rainier on June 1, 2004 @ 8:23 a.m. PDT

Nevrax today announced that The Saga of Ryzom, its graphically stunning multi-genre massively multiplayer online role-playing game, would be launching in September of this year. Ryzom is a third-generation 3D game that features a highly original poetic universe designed for the general public. Read more for new screens ...

In a letter sent out to the Ryzom playerbase, CEO David Cohen explained that the launch was originally slated for June, but was being rescheduled to give players a better experience:

The Saga of Ryzom went into Open Beta this April with an internal target to launch in June 2004… While we were on schedule for our launch date, over the course of testing, we determined that The Saga of Ryzom would be a more fun and enjoyable experience for its players if we put a few more months of development and testing into the game prior to launch.

In the past, due to financial and marketing reasons, many online games have shipped when they would actually have been better off staying in development for a few more months. Fortunately, we here at Nevrax are supported by visionary investors and trusted partners who are enabling us take the right steps for our game. Therefore, we have decided to reschedule Ryzom’s launch until September.

In conjunction with the delay of the launch, Nevrax will be closing the Ryzom beta on June 7 in favor of further development and focused testing. Those who have been enjoying the Ryzom beta will be able to stay involved, however. “We anticipate running several weekend events over the next three months that will let you re-visit Ryzom and assess its progress, and before release, we will invite everyone back for the Final Beta stage,” notes Cohen.

The decision to launch Ryzom in September rather than June comes with the full support of Nevrax’s local partners – Themis Group in North America, Jolt Online Entertainment in UK and English-speaking Europe, and MDO Entertainment in France and Germany. The three companies will be providing managed testing and quality assurance throughout the summer, ensuring that The Saga of Ryzom is as stable and bug-free as possible for its launch.

Features :

  • An A highly interactive environmentthat reacts to the actions of the players. The concerted actions of the players, focused on the objectives set by the player communities, modify the status of the world changing the game opportunities and gameplay possibilities graphics engine.allowing superior immersion.
  • Three levels of progression: individual, group (Guild) and civilization
  • A world subject to seasonal cycles that change its gameplay identity zone by zone.
  • An original universe not based on classic sword and sorcery

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