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'Citizen Zero' (Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Rainier on June 1, 2004 @ 8:27 a.m. PDT

A few weeks ago Micro Forté confirmed that its long-awaited MMOG Citizen Zero is being developed for PC and Xbox. Combining the guts and muscle of action shooters with the depth and broad scope of online RPGs, Citizen Zero is set to change the way people think about online gaming. Read more for some new screens ...

Welcome to Typhron

The Setting – Citizen Zero is set on Typhron, a penal colony established by United Military Industries. Contact with Earth has been lost, leaving the colony in permanent lock-down and trapping the inhabitants in a few enclaves. Life on Typhron is tough, but the possibilities are endless for the strong.

Breaking Free - Like all prisoners, your memories were wiped and you were fitted with a behavioural inhibitor chip that restricted where you could go and what you could do. Since the crisis you have broken free of the inhibitor’s influence, making you a Zero, a free agent in a world full of prisoners.


Lone Wolf or Team Player – Play solo or work as a team, deploying hundreds of special class abilities, devastating combo attacks and multistage takedowns.

Intense Tactical Missions on Demand - Tackle private space missions as challenging and complex as any shooter “level”. A huge variety of environments, opponents, interactive objects and mission goals keep the experience fresh and challenging. Battles and linked missions create long-term quests and epic plane-raid-style events for you and your clan.


Find a Faction that Suits Your Style - From the battle-hardened Marines to the brutish, street-wise Syndicate, the five NPC factions provide a look and a hook for every player, creating instant online community. Delve into the murky and Machiavellian world of factions to advance your character and unlock special content.

Advance Your Character and Unlock the World - Build your character over 50 levels of progression, unlocking new special powers, thousands of items, new mission types, epic battles, events and restricted outdoor regions. Match your skills against enemies and missions that keep getting tougher.

Explore the Rich RPG Universe – From the dangerous backstreets of Demannon City to the smuggler haven of Portal Town, Typhron is a beautifully realized world crying out for exploration. Range the wilderness beyond the enclaves and plumb the depths of the Machina ruins. Uncover the lost secrets of Typhron’s past and battle the ageless denizens of the dark places of the world.

Build a Clan that Matters - Take on high level missions and battles to advance your clan, upgrade the clan HQ, build alliances with the factions and unlock special content for the members. As your clan grows in ability and reputation the members can take ever more dangerous challenges and build alliances with the factions.

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