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Gates of Troy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Matrix Games
Developer: Slitherine Software
Release Date: Dec. 8, 2004

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'Gates of Troy' Goes Gold

by Rainier on June 11, 2004 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT

Gates Of Troy is a Trojan-themed expansion pack for Slitherine Software's Spartan. Take command of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against the mighty Persian horde.

After the test copies have been approved we'll go into full production. We expect it to take around 3-4 weeks to complete the manufacturing process and then Troy will be available to purchase through our online store!

This is also the first time developer Slitherine has ventured into the publishing arena. To date they have always worked with other larger publishers, but after 4 years and 4 successful games, Slitherine has grown to the point where it is ready to publish its own games.

Iain McNeil at Slitherine said "This is a big moment for us. We're taking the step from developer up to being a full publisher. It's been a lot of hard work, but when you see how good Gates of Troy looks and the amazing response we've been getting from our existing publishing partners around the world, you know its all worth while and very exciting!"

As Gates of Troy is a stand-alone expansion to Spartan you do not need to have Spartan installed to play Gates of Troy. If you do, you'll get the added bonus of being able to play all the campaigns from Spartan with the new gameplay features included in Gates of Troy.

Gates of Troy is initially only available in English, but it will detect any previous installation of Spartan and use any translated text that you may have already installed. E.g. if you have a German version of Spartan it will detect this, load up the German text from Spartan and only use English text for any of the new or altered messages in the game, meaning you can still fully enjoy it even if English is not your first language.

More Information about Gates of Troy

It includes 17 new heroes ranging from Achilles and Hektor in the Trojan Wars to Leonidas & Demophilus in the pass of Thermopylae. Play as Achilles with his Myrmidon warriors, or maybe you prefer Odysseus or Hektor? Control vast armies of Trojans and Greeks and lay siege to the most powerful city of its time - Troy!

Take command of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against the mighty Persian horde. The pass of Thermopylae has been re-created on a one for one scale with 300 Spartans, 700 Thespian allies under Demophilus & 400 unreliable Thebans who really didn't want to be there - and can you blame them! This small force stands against the might of the Persian army with wave upon wave of increasingly powerful troops hitting your lines until the mighty Immortals arrive. Xerxes launches attack after attack from his inexhaustible horde and your objective is just to hold the pass long enough for Greece to
muster her forces.

The expansion pack includes 6 new historically accurate campaigns :

  • The Trojan Wars
  • The pass of Thermopylae
  • Greek Colonization
  • Pre-Historic Greece
  • The Ionian Revolt
  • Grand Campaign with Rome & Persia

GATES OF TROY also includes 12 new units ranging from Achilles Myrmidons to Thespian & Theban Hoplites. It also includes a number of new features such
as a zoomable campaign map, enhanced diplomatic options such as the vassalization of smaller nations, the chance to build the Trojan horse and
many more smaller upgrades.

GATES OF TROY takes the award winning Spartan to a completely new level and fans of the genre will be thrilled by what it has to offer.

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