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'Ultima V: Lazarus' - Mod Demo 2 Available NOW

by Rainier on June 12, 2004 @ 3:13 p.m. PDT

Team Lazarus today announced that the long awaited and highly anticipated remake, Ultima V: Lazarus, has released an updated beta demo to the public. Ultima V: Lazarus is a complete recreation the classic role-playing game Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, utilizing the Dungeon Siege engine. This demo is available in English, French, and German, and is fully compatible with Dungeon Siege (thanks RPGDot). Read more for download links ...

Get the 'Ultima V: Lazarus' Mod Demo 2 off Worthplaying (87mb)

New features in this demo which were not seen in demo 1 include:

  • Fully functional mini-quests
  • Ultima-style reagent-based spellcasting system!
  • The Lycaeum, noble keep of Truth
  • Zachariah’s Observatory
  • A dozen new NPCs
  • Brand new music
  • All new in-game GUI
  • All new frontend
  • Complete day/night/lunar cycle, which can be tracked with a pocketwatch
  • Tons of new objects!
  • Working telescopes: look at the night sky!

Although not feature-complete, Lazarus Alpha Demo .0 does contain several of the more impressive features which will be appearing in the final release, including:

  • A glimpse into the world of Britannia: All of Verity Isle is yours to explore!
  • A robust dialogue system
  • Beautiful custom artwork
  • Vicious monsters and cunning wizards
  • Digitally re-mastered orchestral soundtrack

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