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'Purge Jihad' - Updated Trial & Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 15, 2004 @ 10:26 a.m. PDT

Freeform Interactive releases Purge Jihad 2.1.0. This new version adds several new attacks and weapon modifications, large experience point boosts for teamwork, and new rules for the character attributes Energy and Tenacity. Also, significant features have been added based on player requests. Purge Jihad 2.1.0 comes in a full installation and patch format for both Registered users and Free users.

Get the Purge Jihad v2.0.6b -> v2.1.0 patch off Worthplaying (6mb)

Get the Purge Jihad v2.1.0 Demo/Trial off Worthplaying (328mb)

Get the Purge Jihad v2.0.x -> v2.1.0 patch off Worthplaying (64mb)

Purge Jihad is an online-only PC computer game. It is a hybrid First-Person-Shooter / Role-Playing-Game set in the near future accounting a war between the diametrically opposed forces of science-fiction (the Order) and fantasy (the Chosen). Technology versus magic. Science versus religion.

Using ESD (Electronic Software Distribution), Purge Jihad is offered in both a free (unregistered) and paid (registered) mode. The free, unregistered trial includes the full game without any time limits but is simply limited to 4 classes. Registered players will have access to all 8 classes.

In a market filled with clones, Purge Jihad establishes itself as one of the most original games. Unique key features including a Prayer System, completely customizable characters, a fully realized RPG system with experience points and character advancements, and support roles that utilizes your character skills.


Online First Person Shooter / Role Playing Game
Customize Characters to Your Tactics
8 Unique Classes
27 Major Skills & 3 Minor Skills
32 Weapons (with Alternate-Firing Modes)
Music Tracks
23 Indoor and Large Outdoor Maps
Player Creatable Constructions & Items
Earn and Save Experience Points for the Next Game.
Optional "FPS" Playing Style for New/Casual Players that Starts at Level 11.
Prayer System with Deities: Evod and Mabus.
20 Divine Blesses and 4 Divine Interventions.
Gibs System with Blood Pools, Robotic/Cybernetic debris, and Limb Loss.
Customizable Weapons and Armor Upgrades.
Extensive Voices Messages for All 8 Classes.


- Fixed extra delay Dexterity penality for jumping.
- Dexterity penalities for jumping now apply to falling too.
- Changed Energy regeneration calculations.
- Changed Tenacity rules; it is now possible to make a Double Saving Throw vs Nonvital.

[Skills General]
- Disarm now stalls the Barrier/Ward reactivation time.
- Barrier/Wards now have 10 AC. Reactivation time is based off skill percentage.

- NEW sniping 3-round burst fires all 3 bullets before recoil (M20 alt-fire).
- NEW variable (20-50x) high powered scope (Gauss Rifle alt-fire).

- PPS shotgun pellets reduced from 7 to 5; overall damage increased a tiny amount; PPS accuracy greatly increased.
- NEW stack/charge shells attack (PPS alt-fire).

- Defender swings louder; it now has a Dexterity penality (minor) just like any other weapon.
- Phoenix Axe ROF reduced; alt-fire attack now gains full Strength damage bonus, greatly increasing its damage; it now has a Dexterity penality (minor) just like any other weapon.

- Maser is now the WRA1 Laser; clip size reduced from 40 to 30.
- Freezethrower has a slightly increased range, new "fumes" animation, and a new hitwall effect.
- Fixed Ammo Box bug which would report incorrect ammo reserves until you reloaded.
- NEW Wraith attack (WRA1 Laser alt-fire).

- Drain now drains both HP and AP; now 25 Penetration.
- Fixed bug where Drain credit was given before Save vs NonVital.
- EK is now has minor drunkness; drunkness is LOS dependant.
- New Leech attack (Drain alt-fire).

- Server now gives the correct number of reinforcements; no longer capped at 128; fixed the incorrect reinforcement calculation in the in-game F1 menu.
- Switching weapons now unzooms you.
- Eye zoom is now only a single zoom.
- Added extra stunning and jarring if damage is taken while jumping.
- Wins now awards 7000 XP.
- Players now earn 1000 PP after each round.
- Doubled XP for giving items, healing, & resupplying friends.
- Doubled XP for creating and giving friends use of a RADAR or Oracle.
- Doubled XP for repairing.
- Doubled XP for shielding the Portal.

- Zoom text removed, as there is only 1 level of eye zoom now.

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