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'Ground Control II: Operation Exodus' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 22, 2004 @ 10:47 p.m. PDT

Vivendi has released the first patch for Massive Entertainment's recently released 3D RTS Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. This US/UK patch brings your retail game to v1.0.0.7 and adds automatic content/map download when joining a multiplayer server, Record & Replay feature, GUI optimization, various bug fixes, game balancing, etc. Read more for detailed fix list and download links...

Get the Ground Control II v1.0.0.7 Patch [US/UK] off WP (16mb)


  • Added automatic content (map) download when joining a multiplayer server.
  • Added Record & Replay of single player and multiplayer games.
  • Added support for joining games from GameSpy Arcade.
  • Added new in-game Slim GUI (enabled/disabled in the Visual Options menu).
  • Added Super Slim GUI (only mouse + shortcuts enabled) by pressing F10 in-game. Press F10 twice to return to normal GUI.
  • Added "map bookmarks". Press CTRL-F1..F8 to record a map position and press F1..F8 to move camera instantly to the position.
  • Massgate(TM) player chat list is now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Added Massgate(TM) server list filter for Not full/Not empty.
  • Added scorch marks.
  • Added shorelines.


  • Fixed a firewall problem where a patch file list could not be downloaded which made all menus disappear.
  • Fixed bug with MP options. You cannot enter negative numbers in Score limit, Time limit, Starting AP and AP Gain any more.
  • Fixed the progress bar so it can be hidden from script.
  • Fixed bug: Unable to create a Massgate(TM) account if the font size is minimized.
  • Added a limit of max 10 number of chat rooms per player.
  • Changed so the game doesn't close if cd-key authentication fails. Returns to main menu instead.
  • AI behavior improved.
  • AI now uses support weapons NSA Radar and Viron Drop pods.
  • AI now uses NSA Snipers properly.
  • Fixed bug: Sometimes the Anti Missile System (AMS) did not stop single missiles/grenades.
  • Fixed bug: View & weapon range circles now follow the terrain.
  • Several other minor issues.



  • Maintenance model changed to reflect new unit maintenance values.
  • All units now have different maintenance values.
  • All battlefield units have Presence 1 (i.e. they will count towards no presence rule). Note that Deployable Structures do not count towards presence on the battlefield.
  • Changed Viron Dropship armor from Exotic to Reinforced.
  • Changed NSA Dropship armor from Exotic to Reinforced.
  • Increased AP cost for Dropship weapon upgrades (NSA & VIRON).


- Rocket vehicle
- Decreased Anti Missile System (AMS)
- Increased weapon range

- Heavy Terradyne
- Decreased incoming damage multiplier (secondary mode)

- Combat Engineers
- Decreased healing rate for secondary mode
- Decreased healing rate for primary mode

- Mobile Artillery
- Decreased slot size
- Decreased AP Cost

- Assault APC
- Increased AP Cost
- Decreased Health
- Decreased auto cloud spawner damage per sec
- Decreased reload time for secondary shooter
- Increased rate of fire
- Added blast damage

- Transport Helidyne
- Increased Anti Missile System (AMS) efficiency (secondary mode)
- Increased speed in primary mode

- Light Helidyne
- Reduced view range

- Sentry gun
- Reduced reload time


- Fighter Helidyne
- Increased dropship occupation
- Decreased missile damage

- Penetrator
- Decreased weapon damage (secondary mode)

- Missile Vehicle
- Decreased Anti Missile System (AMS)

- Great Corruptor
- Decreased health
- Decreased auto cloud spawner damage per sec

- Screamer Helidyne
- Changed damage type (primary)
- Increased weapon damage (primary)


* 800Mhz Intel(R) Pentium(TM) III processor or AMD(R) Athlon(TM) processor or
* 128Mb RAM (256 Mb RAM for Windows 2000/XP)
* Nvidia(R) Geforce(TM), ATI(R) Radeon(TM), or equivalent 32MB Video Card
supporting Hardware Transform and Lighting with DirectX(R) 9.0b or higher
compatible driver
* DirectX(R) 9-compatible sound card and speakers or headphones
* Up to 1.5Gb available hard drive space
* 24X or faster CD-ROM
* Keyboard and Mouse
* 56K dial-up modem for online play, optimal multiplayer online play is
achieved using DSL, Cable or faster internet connection.

* 1.5Ghz Intel(R) Pentium(TM) 4 processor or AMD(R) Athlon(TM) XP or faster
* 256Mb RAM or more
* 128Mb AGP(R) video card or more recent chip set
* Broadband / LAN, DSL, Cable or faster internet connection for online play.

This game was tested using the latest video driver updates available at the
time, as follows:
* Nvidia(R) - 56.72
* ATI(R) - Catalyst 4.4


* The description of the "Edit Account" option incorrectly appears in the LAN section of the manual. The description for “Edit Account” should appear under
the Massgate section spanning pages 10-12.

* Win and Lose conditions in multiplayer games become active three minutes into the game. I.e. a multiplayer game cannot be won or lost until after three
minutes have passed.

* The Landing Zones under your team’s control are marked with GREEN color. The Landing Zone that you currently have selected (where your Dropship will land) is marked with your player color.

* All units can detect enemies in close range even if no line of sight can be traced. This represents the unit’s ability to hear enemies nearby.

* A Landing Zone that cannot be captured has a large cross over it both on the minimap and in the battlefield view. In open multiplayer games (drop-in) the starting Landing Zones cannot normally be captured. In closed multiplayer games (sync-start) all Landing Zones can normally be captured.


Note that most hot keys can be reconfigured in the options menu.

Up Arrow Move camera forward
Down Arrow Move camera backward
Left Arrow Move camera left
Right Arrow Move camera right
Page up Increase Camera Altitude
Page down Decrease Camera Altitude
A Attack
M Move
C Hold down for Reverse Move
R Repair
Z Select Landing Zone
W Move camera to currently selected Landing Zone
L Load APC / Enter building
U Unload APC / Exit building
E Meld (Viron only)
F Cycle formations
H Send dropship home to base
D Send reinforcements buy order & deploy units
V Toggle dropship status (return to base / stay on battlefield)
X Switch between primary and secondary mode
I Activate Upgrade dropship screen
K Activate Reinforcements screen
B Cycle fire behavior (Free, Return, Hold)
N Displays mission objectives
S Halt. Orders the selected unit to stop moving and cease fire
R Repair
Backspace Displays the multiplayer score board
SHIFT-C Toggle between Free Camera and Classic RTS camera modes
ALT Hold down to view health and team color of all visible units
SHIFT Hold down to queue multiple orders
SHIFT Hold down to select multiple units or groups of units
TAB Switches selection focus in current selection
ESC Close active window or abandon game if no window is open
Mouse1 (Left) Select units
Mouse2 (Right) Give order depending on context (e.g. attack, move,
Mouse3 (Middle) Press to look around freely with the camera
LEFT CTRL Create Squad modifier
Force fire
Strafe/rotate camera
Pause Pause
Print Scrn Screenshot
Numpad + Zoom in on map
Numpad - Zoom out on map
ENTER Team Chat


The battlefield in Ground Control II consists of truly three-dimensional terrain and is viewed with either the free-flying camera or a traditional top-down camera similar to most RTS games. The traditional top-down camera can be pitched and swiveled by pressing the middle mouse button to look around.

Moving the camera is easy. In both modes, the arrow keys will move the camera forward, back, right and left. In RTS mode these always correspond to north,
south, east and west because the camera always points north by default.

Press SHIFT + C to toggle between the two different camera modes in the game.


  • Hosting multiplayer games with 56k modem access is not recommended.
  • Using a USB modem may cause lag issues.
  • Massgate: Switching the team chat and all chat buttons in options disables team chat.
  • Massgate: 56k modem users can crash to Massgate lobby if 56k modem user has more than 32 units and orders some to move.
  • Load error message after disconnecting network cable from computer.
  • Error message in Windows 2000, with no Service Pack update and 128Mb RAM, in the first 2 to 3 minutes of a game. This can cause a one time freeze, but after re-starting the machine this message is not seen again. Service pack 4 is recommended for playing Ground Control II: Operation Exodus.
  • When installing DirectX 9.0b it states version 9.0 runtime, when it is actually installing DirectX 9.0b.
  • Visual Options Menu: Contrast settings are reversed, setting the contrast to a lower level equals a brighter screen and setting the contrast to a higher level equals a darker screen.
  • Skirmish Mode: Setting timer to 1 minute results in automatic Mission Accomplished.
  • Credits: To exit viewing the credits, press the escape button.
  • Mission 11: She Sells Sanctuary: Mission will not end if the player loses all units except Radar and Sentry Gun.


* XGI Volari V8 Ultra - You may experience slow, choppy performance on Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP when using this video card.

* PCI Graphics Card: Windows ME: You may get an error message when trying to launch the game. The message says “Potential problems found when starting
Ground Control II. AGP acceleration is not enabled. It is highly recommended that you update your motherboard drivers or game performance may suffer.”


If you have an internet connection (e.g. DSL, ADSL or Cable modem) and have installed a “personal firewall” on your computer such as Black Ice, Zone Alarm,
Norton Internet Security, etc., you may experience problems joining one of the multiple games found on the Massgate servers. Servers are currently setup in
Europe, North America and Asia.

If however you do NOT see multiple games on your chosen regional server, you may have to allow or teach your personal firewall to open access to play Ground Control II: Operation Exodus.

To avoid problems with joining and hosting Ground Control II multiplayer game sessions make sure that the ports below are open for UDP/TCP two-way traffic on your firewall. Some personal firewall applications do this setup automatically, depending on how your firewall is configured. Please refer to your firewall
instruction manual for information on how to do this.

The following UDP ports need to be opened:

6500 to 6520
42000 to 42200

The following TCP ports need to be opened:

42000 to 42020

If you want to host a game using the game application you need to open up the above ports for outgoing and incoming traffic. If you are behind a NAT/IP firewall you can only host a game by setting up a separate Dedicated Server application and forwarding the required ports to it.

Please refer to for further information about Dedicated Servers.

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