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'Perimeter' Ships To North American Stores

by Rainier on June 29, 2004 @ 9:42 a.m. PDT

Through a science fiction ambience, Perimeter challenges players in a race to acquire energy and create new homes for themselves in a newly discovered galaxy. The game brings fresh ideas to the real time strategy genre through several game play features, including strategic terraforming to acquire resources. With this feature, players can manipulate the game’s landscape to extract energy, expand a civilization base, increase covered territory and limit opponent options. In turn, energy extraction provides power to units, buildings and protective force shields, making energy management and environmental awareness key components to game play success. In addition, Perimeter’s use of a feature called nanomorph technology allows units to be transformed into different strategic elements directly on the battlefield. Teamed with a wealth of missions, structure types, maps and factions, Perimeter delivers unparalleled tactical opportunities ready for adaptation in any game play situation.

Perimeter is an original science fiction RTS game that brings groundbreaking game play tactics to the genre. These tactics include strategic terraforming to acquire resources, the use of impenetrable perimeter force field and unit strategy though manipulation of nanotechnology. These key game play elements combined with a sharp RTS engine and stunning visuals, rendering one million polygons per second, is set to deliver a new challenge and rewarding strategy experience in single and multiplayer games. The game, created by Russian companies 1C Company and KD-LAB and awarded "Best PC Game" and "Best Game Design" at the Russian Game Developers Conference earlier this year, has also received PC Gamer UK’s Game of the Month award and PC Zone UK’s Essential Award.


  • Brings fresh and innovative game play tactics to the RTS genre.
  • Strategically terraform land to extract energy to create bases and units.
  • Force field tactics – deploy an impenetrable shield to protect against enemy attacks.
  • Transforming units – instantly morph units on the battlefield to more specialized types.
  • Incredible visuals with an engine that renders over 1 million polygons per second.

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