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Pax Romana

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy

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'Pax Romana' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 29, 2004 @ 8:13 p.m. PDT

Get the Pax Romana v1.02 Update Patch Off Worthplaying (14mb)

Modifications Pax Romana v1.02

  • Major update on Peace Proposition : it should be now much easier to conclude a winning war, with region cost values streamlined and military campaigns
    bearing more impact on peace talks (67% instead of 50% before)
  • Also the stars acquired during the war will disappear much more slowly over time
  • When peace is signed, the victorious units are moved automatically into next closest friendly provincial or national capital
  • AI Senators should be less reluctant to vote a victorious peace treaty
  • Removed several CTD when a stratagem was played too earlier in a battle
  • Removed a rare CTD occuring at the end of a build units order
  • During a sea battle, armies loaded on fleets no longer take sides with the ennemy fleets
  • Roman laws now appear as historical events.
  • The cost of threaten candidates or any other action during the election campaign should no longer be 0
  • Low and high plebis value have no longer a drastic financial effect on the factions and nations treasuries
  • Nations should no longer receive income from regions controlled by ennemy nations
  • Removed a bug where a siege would not end when a rescue army succeeds in defeating the besieging army
  • There should much be less pirates (frequency divided by 2), and info will be message only (no more pop-ups)
  • Remove CTD on some diplomatic events
  • The game is automatically paused at the beginning of a scenario
  • Resolve some issues on leadership of AI armies
  • Remove a CTD on the stratagem Influence Peddling
  • Resolve a issue where the urban praetor was governor of Italia for only 1 week

Modifications Pax Romana v1.01

  • The timer should no longer freeze before a battle starts.
  • The progress of a siege is now correctly displayed on the map information window
  • The military AI (especially the naval one) have been improved
  • The roman legions controlled by the AI should no longer always tries to crush revolt on foreign lands.
  • In multiplayer mode, when a player abort a movement by clicking in the army/fleet region, the movement will correctly be aborted for all players and not only for the players aborting the move.
  • When a blockaded town falls to its besieger, the blockade is removed
  • Remove a crash to desktop when an army was destroyed after having captured an ennemy leader which died later on.
  • Update of forum tutorial and Punic Wars Strategy Scenario
  • Backup of autosave and lastsave is made before each new save. The date of autosave has been changed to july the first.
  • Corrected some spelling and display error in various messages.
  • Remove a crash to desktop at the end of naval battle where some fleets were transporting armies
  • The Trade roads should now correctly last several years instead of several months
  • Historical events have been updated
  • All scenario have been rewriten to be more historically accurate
  • The name of the senator to which an honor will be granted is correctly display in the consul office.
  • Solve a load problem where the faction would be with no faction leader after the load which results obviously in a CTD after a few days.
  • The maximum number of nations in a scenario is now 256 instead of 128
  • Solve a case where the Ai declare several times a war to the same nation.
  • The game should no longer freeze at the senate when a dictator is being voted and the proposing faction is not a the faction of one of the two consuls

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