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'Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on June 9, 2004 @ 8:16 a.m. PDT

Novalogic has released an updated demo for their upcoming FPS multiplayer game Joint Operations. The demo features one 'Dormant Volcano Isle B' multiplayer map with day and night settings. The demo will be playable over the NovaWorld Games Network and via LAN. Other features in the demo include: Up to 100 player games via NovaWorld with 32 players on a LAN, 19 land sea and air drivable vehicles,27 Weapons,5 classes: Rifleman, Gunner, Engineer, Sniper & Medic. Read more for download links ...

Get the Joint Operations Updated MP demo off Worthplaying (250mb)

Thank you for playing the Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Demo.

Visit NovaWorld ( to discuss the Demo with others and to submit problems, questions, or comments.

2. Demo Features

* CD key is not required.
The Demo can be played without a CD key. However, the official
game will require a CD key.

* One map.
The Demo plays one multiplayer map. The map splits players
into two teams, Joint Operations and Indonesian Rebels, with each
team starting on a separate area. Your team must control all the
bases in the map to win the game.

* Players can join the multiplayer Demo games on the internet. hosts 100+ player games for the Demo. You
connect to those games through the Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

* Players can host Demo games.
You can host up to 64 players in your own games using the one map,
or you can play games hosted on NovaWorld.

* Two teams.
You can play as a member of the Joint Operations force or as an
Indonesian Rebel. Each team can access different weapons and

* Drivable vehicles.
You can control vehicles on land, through air, and across water.

3. System Requirements
DirectX 9.0 AGP video card with 32MB & HW-T&L required. 128MB or
greater recommended. Compatible 3D cards include: nVidia GeForce 2, 3,
4, and ATI Radeon 8500, 9000, 9200, 9600, 9800.
We do not support the following video cards: ATI Rage, FireGL, NVIDIA
Quadro, TNT/TNT2 and Vanta chipsets,Kyro, Kyro II, Intel 810 and 815,
SiS, Xabre, Matrox chipsets

Video cards without pixel shaders or with less than 128MB ram will not
support all graphics features.

Check our website,, for a full list of supported
video cards.

Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP

Minimum: Pentium® III 1.2 GHZ equivalent
Recommended: Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ equivalent

Minimum: AGP 2X
Recommended: AGP 4X

1.5 GB available

Minimum: 256MB
Recommended: 512MB


Recommended: 266 MHz DDR (PC2100) or better

16x or greater CD-ROM drive

DirectX 9.0b required

DirectX 9 compatible

Windows® compatible mouse

Minimum: 56k internet connection
Recommended: Cable modem or DSL internet connection
4. Server Settings
The Demo for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising allows you to play
multiplayer games hosted on NovaWorld, or hosted by other gamers.

Automatic Team-Size Balancing
When a game server cycles to a new map, the server will balance the
teams automatically. This way, when one team in a game has more members
than the other team, the server will swap the correct number of people
from one team to the other. The players that are swapped to the other
team are the players with the least amount of time in that server.

Switching Teams
During games hosted by other players, you may be able to change teams
in mid-game. This depends on whether the game is hosted with this option.
To do change teams, press the "Change Team" button in the respawn screen.

5. Drivable Vehicles
You can now operate land, sea, and air vehicles.

The controls are simple.

Walk up to a vehicle and see the attach points.
Press the SHIFT key to connect to the highlighted point.
To detach, press the SHIFT key again.
To move to an empty seat shown in the vehicle display of the HUD,
press the SHIFT key and the corresponding number key at the same time.

Use the typical WASD keyboard keys to control movement.
Steer the vehicle by moving the mouse. To look around without turning
the vehicle, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse.

Players can control any vehicle they come across on the battlefield.
If the enemy leaves a vehicle unattended, you can jump in and take

You can drive each vehicle at three different speeds. Control your
speed with these keys: Z (slow) X (medium) C (fast)

For helicopters, press the E key to raise your elevation. Press the
Q key to lower your elevation.
Press and hold the SPACE key to release flares.
To orbit an area, press the W key and either the A key or the D key.

The final version of the game will offer more vehicles than this demo.

6. Weapons
Several weapons are available for both teams. Each team uses some
weapons that are exclusive to that team. More weapons will be available
in the official release.

Hand weapons
Knife [J]: The classic knife for silent kills up-close and underwater.

Machete [R]: A long blade common to the jungles and perfect for stealthy

Colt 1911 [J,R]: High-powered clip-loading sidearm famous for reliability
and stopping power.

Smith & Wesson .357 [R]: This revolver is a heavy hitter like the Colt.

Assault rifles & submachine guns
AK47 [R]: The well-known Russian assault rifle, popular in third-world
countries. AK47s can be equipped with grenade launchers.

AK74 [R]: The AK74 fires a smaller round than the AK47, but it fires
more accurately, and recoils less.

M4 [J]: This lightweight rifle works best for quick and close fighting.
M4s can be equipped with the optional M203 grenade launcher.

MP5 Silenced [J,R]: This silenced rifle can be heard only by those near
it, but the smaller bullet requires better aim.

M16 [J]: A heavier assault rifle than others, but more accurate.

Machine guns
M60 [J]: This heavy gas-powered machine gun fires a dangerous round,
but the tripod should be used for accuracy.

M249 SAW [J]: The Squad Automatic Weapon machine gun delivers a large
volume of effective fire; perfect for close quarters battles.

PKM [R]: This belt-fed portable machine gun fires more accurately when
aimed with the bipod.

Sniper rifles
Dragunov [R]: Powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle with a faster rate
of fire than bolt-action choices.

M82 Barrett [J]: The .50 caliber ammo shot from this semi-automatic
rifle can deliver a message from a long-range.

SR-25 [J]: Possibly the most accurate semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Specialty weapons
M224 Mortar [J,R]: A light and portable mortar allowing engineers to
fire a highly explosive round at a designated target.

Target Designator [J,R]: The visual line-of-sight provided by a
designating player enables an engineer to fire a mortar from a safe

AT4 [J]: Portable rocket launcher designed to destroy armored vehicles.

RPG-7 [R]: This shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenade launcher is
muzzle-loaded and can be fired at nearly anything.

FIM-92 Stinger [J,R]: Point one at an enemy helicopter, RIGHT-CLICK to
bring up your sights, wait for the lock-on signal, and fire. The
stinger will track the helicopter through the air, but a good pilot
might be able to avoid it.

Satchel charge [J,R]: Place the explosive package on a target, move to
a safe position, and press the detonator.

Flashbang grenade [J,R]: Disorients and distracts enemies in a
non-lethal manner.

Fragmentation grenade [J,R]: Exploding shrapnel causes casualties out
to 15 meters.

7. Voice and Radio
Team communication during the game can be enhanced by using both the
voice emotes and radio macros. The menus for both voice and radio
communication include dynamic choices that change depending on your
player class and location in the game.

Press the F9 key to see a list of voice emotes for your character.
Then press the number key of the emote you want your game character
to say. Other players standing near your player will hear the
emote you choose.

Notice that the choices for the 8 key, 9 key and 0 key are displayed
in a different color. Those three dynamic emotes change depending on
your character class, and player locations such as in vehicles and
on emplaced weapons.

Press the F10 key to see a list of radio messages. Then press the number
key of the message you want your character to speak into his radio.
Everybody on your team will hear you on their radio.

The choices for the 9 and 0 keys will change dynamically based on your
game situation.

8. Mouse Controls
Left mouse button Fire
Right mouse button Scope toggle
Mouse movement Look up or down. Turn left or right.
Mouse wheel Cycle through weapons

9. Default Keyboard Mapping
ESC Exit / Load saved game 1 Knife
F1 Help 2 Sidearm
F2 1st person view (no gun) 3 Primary weapon
F3 1st person view (with gun) 4 Flashbang grenade
F4 3rd person view 5 Fragmentation grenade
F5 Statistics 6 Smoke grenade
F6 HUD detail level 7 Explosive
F7 Cycle waypoints 8 Radio detonator
F8 9 Medic pack
F9 Voice emotes 0 Armory
F10 Radio macros
F11 Screen shot
F12 Map legend

W Move forward B Binoculars
A Strafe left N Night vision goggles
S Move backward M Map
D Strafe right - Zoom in HUD
Q Lean left (roll left if prone) = Zoom out HUD
E Lean right (roll right)
Z Prone position
X Crouch position SHIFT Attach / Use item
C Stand position SPACEBAR Jump

R Reload weapon K Friendly tags (on/off/abbreviated)
T Talk (all players) G Goals
CTRL+T Squad chat J Recent
Y Team talk (your team)
U Crew talk (people in your vehicle)
I Info
O Aimpoint brightness
F Hot swap key (switches to grenade lanucher or medic pack if

TAB Player list / Kills PAUSE Pause game (Training
levels only)
' Command prompt SCROLL LOCK Auto-run toggle

CTRL+R Re-enter the spawn queue/commit suicide
Multiplayer game host screen

Keyboard controls for mouse movements
P Look up [ Scope magnify - down
. Look down ] Scope magnify - up
L Turn left " Scope zero (press SHIFT key)
; Turn right / Scope toggle
ENTER Fire weapon

Duplicate Key Mapping
Up arrow Move forward DELETE Stand position
Down arrow Move backward END Crouch position
Left arrow Strafe left PAGE DOWN Prone position
Right arrow Strafe right

Camera controls (in 3rd person view)
On the numeric keypad:

7 Zoom in 4 Camera left
8 Camera up 5 Reset camera
9 Zoom out 6 Camera right
2 Camera down

10. Known Issues

Windows XP ALT+TAB Issue
When running Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising under Windows XP, you
may experience problems task switching (i.e. using ALT+TAB) if you
have set your game resolution and bitdepth to the same settings as
your desktop. You are advised to either choose a different
resolution in the game Options menu, or change your desktop
resolution before running the game. If you don't plan on switching
tasks during the game, these measures are not necessary.

ATI Video Cards
At the time of writing, there are a number of known issues with the
Radeon 8500, 9000, and 9200 cards. Most can be fixed by installing
the latest Catalyst drivers from the ATI website, version 4.5 or newer.
Some other issues are scheduled to be fixed with the Catalyst 4.7
drivers, which will be released shortly after the Joint Operations
initial retail release date.

There is also a known issue with the ATI Radeon 9800, where the use of
full scene anti-aliasing cannot be used in conjunction with frame
effects set to high. Either setting alone is acceptable but not

Before calling Technical Support make sure you have installed the
latest drivers for your video card.

11. Checking for Updates
There are three ways to check for updates.

1) When logging into NovaWorld from in-game, you will be notified of
any new updates that might be needed. Simply click on the "Yes"
button to begin the update process. If you do not wish to update
select the "Exit" or the "No" button.

2) The main menu contains an "Update" button on the lower right hand
side of the screen. Click on "Update" to begin the update process.
Note that you must be connected to the internet to begin the update.

3) Another way to check for an update is by selecting the "Update
Game" shortcut from the start menu. Simply press Start, then select
"Program Files", then "NovaLogic", then "Joint Operations Typhoon
Rising', and then select the "Update Game" shortcut.

12. NovaWorld
The NovaWorld online community hosts multiplayer games for the new
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. When you join, you can discuss the
games in forums, access squad information, monitor player statistics,
access modification tools, and download updates.

Visit often to become part of the community and
learn about upcoming tournaments.

13. Technical FAQs

What is "ping time"?

Throughout Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, you will see references
to what is known as "ping time". A "ping" is when one computer sends
a message to another computer and that computer sends a reply back to
the first computer. The "ping time" is the time it takes for the
ping process to occur. Ping times are used to determine how well
your computer, their computer, and the network are operating. Ping
times are usually measured in milliseconds. Low ping times means
you, the network between you and the other computer, and the other
computer are all relatively fast, and, generally, yield the best
possible playing environment. Large ping times means some or all of
the components involved in the ping process are slow, and, generally,
yield a poor playing environment.

What affects "ping time"?

Generally, there are 3 components that affect ping times:
1) your computer
2) the network
3) the computer you are pinging.

1) Your computer
Your computer is responsible for generating the ping message, and for
placing the ping message on the network. Then, some time later, is
responsible for retrieving the ping time from the network, and then,
finally, processing the ping message and calculating the ping time.
If your computer is underpowered and it is taking time doing things
other than managing the ping time, you can introduce lag into the
system. Having a slower speed CPU, insufficient RAM, a fragmented hard
drive, or a low-end video card all contribute to higher ping times.
If you join a game server, options such as render detail, screen
resolution, and others, all contribute to ping times. Having a faster
render rate will usually help decrease ping times. If you're serving
a game, choosing the dedicated server option over using a serve-and-play
option will help decrease ping times.

2) The network
Most of the time the only control you have over the network is your
ability to select what ISP you use and what type of connection you are
using (i.e., DSL, Cable Modem, dialup, etc). Broadband networks offer
a higher throughput and usually handle load much better than dial-up
connections. The time of day plays a factor in the performance
of a network; mornings, evenings, and weekends tend to be the busiest
times and therefore cause more load on the network, which can cause
higher ping times. The physical distance between you and the other
computer plays a big factor as well. Connecting to game servers that
are geographically near you help lowers ping times.

3) The other computer
The computer you are pinging may be accepting a large amount of
network traffic, or the computer may be have a slow CPU or minimal
memory. If you are a client and you are joining a serve-and-play
server, your ping times may increase because the serving computer is
rendering the game for someone in addition to serving it for others.
Dedicated game servers can offer better gameplay results.

Where do I find the "ping time" and what do they mean?

There are 3 places in the game where Ping Times are displayed:
1) in the game server list
2) on the HUD
3) in the Player Kill List.

1) In the Game Server List

When you click "NovaWorld" from the main menu, and then click "Games",
you see a game list with the ping times listed next to each game server.
These ping times represent the time from the game to their machine and
back. Usually, this time is the lowest out of all the ping times
listed because, in this instance, the game server you are pinging uses
the operating system to retrieve the ping request and send the ping reply.

2) On the HUD

In the upper left corner of the HUD (Heads Up Display), you'll see the
performance indicator. This represents the your computers performance.
Green is good, yellow is fair, and red is poor.

3) In the Player Kill List

When you bring up the player kill list (by pressing the TAB key),
you'll see the performance indicator. Green is good, yellow is fair,
and red is poor.

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