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TacOps 4

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'TacOps 4' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on July 10, 2004 @ 2:12 p.m. PDT

Get the TacOps 4 v4.05APu Patch off WP (11mb)

TacOps 4 is the commercial version (PC and Mac) of “TacOpsCav 4”, an officially issued standard training device of the US Army. It is a simulation of contemporary and near-future tactical, ground, combat between United States (Army and Marine), Canadian, New Zealand/Australian and German forces versus various opposing forces (OPFOR), simulating the Former Soviet Union, China, North Korea etc. Various civilian units and paramilitary forces are also included.

The lastest TacOps 4 patch (v4.05APu) is now available to download for both Mac and Windows versions of TacOps 4. This is an all inclusive patch and can be applied to any patched or non-patched version of TacOps 4.

The v4.05APu Patch fixes and changes:

  • Developer initiative and user requests. Added 135 new unit types to the v4 database. See list below.
  • User request. Helicopters with a turning rotors footprint of 15 meters or less can now land in town terrain.
  • Hobby user request. An infantry unit that is capable of providing an artillery direction bonus, such as FSCE FOO Team, FSCE Forward Observer Team, or FSCE COLT Team, can now provide its bonus while inside of a vehicle as well as when dismounted. Previously such units had to be dismounted in order to provide their artillery direction bonus.
  • Hobby user request. Changed the Front/Side/Rear armor values for the T84 and T90 tanks as follows. Changed T84 from KE 525/180/100 and CE 950/195/100 to KE 846/200/100 and CE 1270/220/100. Changed T90 from KE 810/190/100 and CE 1120/205/100 to KE 810/200/100 and CE 1250/220/100.
  • User request. Added a "FSC Bonus" filter check box to the Add One Unit Window and to the Unit Data Base Report Window. When this item is check marked, only unit types that provide an artillery direction bonus will be displayed in the unit selection lists.
  • Backfitted from TacOpsMC v5. The unit type names in the selection lists in the Add One Unit window can now be optionally filtered so as to show only the following types of units to the user: aircraft only, amphibious only, APCs only, artillery/mortar only, ATGMs only, boats/ships only, engineer items only, infantry only (dismounted personnel), SAMs only, tanks only, tracked vehicles only, or wheeled vehicles only. The Unit Data Base Report Window can also now be optionally filtered in the same way.
  • Backfitted from TacOpsMC v5. Added the unit type "US Inf, Casualty". The casualty unit type is immobile, unarmed, and can represent 1 to 15 personnel. It can be picked up and transported by any friendly unit that can carry personnel. It can not spot/reveal enemy units. It can not be fired on with direct fire but can be inadvertently harmed by airstrikes and indirect fire. A casualty marker will be automatically removed from play as "captured" if the center point of a qualified hostile unit is located within 50 meters of its center point at the end of any combat/movement phase. The hostile unit must be stationary, have no pending orders, and must be a ground unit or a landed transport helicopter. The program does not currently generate casualty markers as a result of combat - they must be manually placed by the umpire or scenario designer by use of the "Options/Add One Unit" menu item. The computer opponent (AI) in a solitaire game will normally ignore casualty icons but may coincidentally capture them if one of its units happens to end the turn within 50 meters.
  • Backfitted from TacOpsMC v5. Added a special bomb marker named "Demolition Charge" for various uses including the destruction of bridges. This item currently functions exactly the same as "Bomb Portable".
  • Backfitted from TacOpsMC v5. Added an "Aircrew" unit type to represent downed aviators for TRAP training. The aircrew marker is armed with one pistol per person and can contain 1 to 15 personnel. It functions as any other dismounted infantry unit type.
  • Backfitted from TacOpsMC v5. Added an "Aircraft Wreck" unit type to represent downed but not completely destroyed aircraft for TRAP training. Added a span of five generic unit types to represent wreckage with a weight varying from 2 tons through 20 tons: Aircraft Wreck 2tn, Aircraft Wreck 5tn, Aircraft Wreck 10tn, Aircraft Wreck 15tn, and Aircraft Wreck 20tn. The width and length of each aircraft wreck increases with the weight. Aircraft wrecks do not spot. They can be transported by appropriate vehicles or helicopters. They can be destroyed by friendly indirect fire but not by friendly direct fire. They can be destroyed by enemy direct fire, enemy indirect fire, and by friendly or enemy bomb portable, bomb transportable, or demolition charge.
  • Developer initiative. Added UK item filter to Unit Data Base Window, Weapon Data Base Window, Add One Unit Window, and Change Units Window.
  • Developer initiative. Added United Kingdom and German features to the "Change Units & Weapons" window.
  • Developer initiative. US Inf LRASS Team and US RECV HMMWV LRASS now provide an artillery direction bonus
  • Developer initiative. Changed M2A2 Bradley IFV (and variants) armor from KE 45/35/20 and CE KE 45/35/20 to KE 66/55/26 and CE 66/55/26.
  • Developer initiative. Increased armor from KE 45/35/20 and CE KE 45/35/20 to KE 66/55/26 and CE 66/55/26 for following Bradley variants: M6 Bradley Linebacker, M2 Bradley AMEV Ambulance, and M7 Bradley FIST.
  • Developer initiative. Decreased armor for M2 Bradley AMTV to 16/16/16.
  • Developer initiative/user request. Removed amphibious capability from all Bradley APCs and Bradley based variant vehicles in TacOps.
  • Bug Fix. The range of the Milan ATGM was changed from 2000 meters to 1950 meters.
  • Bug Fix. The program failed to erase a unit's optional text name from the map when the unit was manually loaded onto an APC during the orders phase.
  • Bug Fix. During the setup turn only, the line of sight tool cursor sometimes failed to change to gray when passing the current visibility limit as specified by the current scenario or user preferences setting.
  • Bug Fix. The following "civilian" unit types are armed with concealed pistols: Civil x1 w Pistol, Civil x5 w Pistol, and Civil x10 w Pistol. The program would wrongly reveal the pistols if a player of a different force color right clicked on one of these unit markers and selected "Info".
  • Developer initiative and user requests. Added the following 135 unit types to the v4 database.
    • AU/NZ APC, ASLAV-A Ambulance
    • AU/NZ APC, ASLAV-C Command
    • AU/NZ APC, ASLAV-CS Combat Support
    • AU/NZ APC, ASLAV-F Fitter
    • AU/NZ ATGM, Javelin Team P2
    • AU/NZ FSCE, FOO Team P3
    • AU/NZ Helo, Tiger ARH
    • AU/NZ Helo, UH1H Gunship
    • AU/NZ Howitzer, Towed 155mm FH2000
    • AU/NZ Inf, AGL MK19 Team P3
    • AU/NZ Inf, MG 5.56 Team P2
    • AU/NZ Inf, MG 50cal Team P3
    • AU/NZ Inf, MG 7.62 Team P2
    • AU/NZ Inf, Rifles x 2 P2
    • AU/NZ Inf, Rifles x 4 P4
    • AU/NZ Inf, Section P6
    • AU/NZ Inf, Section P8
    • AU/NZ Inf, Section P9
    • AU/NZ Inf, Team w LMG + M203 P4
    • AU/NZ Inf, Team w LMG P4
    • AU/NZ LUV, LOV MV-A Ambulance
    • AU/NZ LUV, LOV MV-C Command
    • AU/NZ LUV, LOV MV-S Shelter
    • AU/NZ RECV, ASLAV-25 Recce
    • AU/NZ RECV, ASLAV-S Surveillance
    • AU/NZ RECV, NZLAVIII Surveillance
    • AU/NZ RV, ASLAV-R Recovery Vehicle
    • AU/NZ RV, NZLAVIII Recovery
    • AU/NZ SAM, Mistral Team P4
    • AU/NZ SAM, Rapier Towed
    • AU/NZ SAM, RBS70 Team P2
    • AU/NZ Truck, Cargo U1700L
    • AU/NZ Truck, Cargo U1700L + HMG
    • AU/NZ Truck, Cargo U1700L + LMG
    • GM AAA SP Gepard
    • GM APC Boxer ISC
    • GM APC, Wiesel Ambulance
    • GM APC, Wiesel Command
    • GM APC, Wiesel ISC
    • GM ATGMV, Wiesel TOW
    • GM FSCV Marder FO
    • GM FSV, Wiesel MK20
    • GM Mortar, Carrier 120mm Wiesel
    • GM SAMV Gepard Stinger
    • GM SAMV Marder Roland.
    • GM SAMV, Ozelot Stinger
    • OP AAA, SP 20mm BOV3
    • OP AAA, SP 30mm BOV30
    • OP AAA, SP 57mm ZSU-57-2
    • OP APC, BOVM
    • OP APC, BRDM1
    • OP APC, BTR152
    • OP APC, BTR40
    • OP APC, BTR50
    • OP APC, M60P
    • OP APC, M60PB
    • OP APC, M80
    • OP ATGMV, BOV1
    • OP ATGMV, M80ALT
    • OP Mortar, Carrier 82mm M60
    • OP Tank, M84
    • OP Tank, M84A
    • OP Tank, PT76
    • OP Tank, T34/85
    • OP Tank, T54
    • UK APC, CVRT Samaritan Amb
    • UK APC, CVRT Spartan
    • UK APC, CVRT Sultan Command
    • UK APC, FV432
    • UK APC, FV432 Ambulance
    • UK APC, FV436 Command
    • UK APC, Warrior Command++
    • UK APC, Warrior IFV
    • UK APC, Warrior IFV+
    • UK APC, Warrior IFV++
    • UK APC, Warrior Repair
    • UK ATGM, Milan P2
    • UK ATGMV, CVRT Striker
    • UK FSCV, Warrior OPV++
    • UK Howitzer, SP 155mm AS90
    • UK Inf, HQ Command [-] P4
    • UK Inf, HQ Command P8
    • UK Inf, Section P8
    • UK Inf, Team P4
    • UK Mortar, Carrier 81mm FV432
    • UK RECV, CVRT Sabre Recce
    • UK RECV, Scimitar Recce
    • UK RECV, Scimitar Recce+
    • UK RV, Challenger ARRV
    • UK RV, CVRT Samson Recovery
    • UK RV, Warrior Recovery
    • UK SAMV, Stormer Starstreak
    • UK Tank, Challenger 1 Mk2
    • UK Tank, Challenger 1 Mk3
    • UK Tank, Challenger 2
    • UK Tank, Chieftain Mk12
    • UK Tank, Chieftain Mk5
    • US Aircraft Wreck 10tn
    • US Aircraft Wreck 15tn
    • US Aircraft Wreck 20tn
    • US Aircraft Wreck 2tn
    • US Aircraft Wreck 5tn
    • US Aircrew P1
    • US APC, M2A3 Bradley ENG+
    • US APC, M2A3 Bradley IFV+
    • US APC, M3A3 Bradley CFV+
    • US Boat, Rigid Raider
    • US Demolition Charge P1
    • US Helo, AH6 MG
    • US Helo, AH6 MG + ATGM
    • US Helo, AH6 MG + Rocket
    • US Helo, MH6
    • US Helo, MH60
    • US Helo, MH60 DAP CS
    • US Helo, MH60 DAP GS
    • US Helo, MH60 DAP MR
    • US Inf, Casualty P1
    • US Inf, LRASS Team
    • US Inf, Sniper Team Heavy P2
    • US MCV, Armored Breaching Vehicle
    • US RECV, Prophet SIGINT/EW

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