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Hostile Intent

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action

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'Hostile Intent' - Updated Mod Available NOW

by Judy on July 11, 2004 @ 2:31 p.m. PDT

Hostile Intent is a Total Conversion for Half-life that rose from the ashes from The Sherman Project. Eventhough the concept behind Hostile intent hasn't changed, it is in fact different from The Sherman Project. Every original feature for The Sherman Project is still in, but the new team has thought of many new original ideas and concepts.

Get the Hostile Intent v1.3 Mod off Worthplaying (18/117mb)

Here is the coding changelog for the 1.3 version:

  • added ejecting shells. Their lifetime can be set by cl_shell_life [seconds]
  • magazines drop during reloads
  • hi_button_load doesn't have to target an objective anymore
  • hi_button_load can have a sound be played upon completion
  • added hi_spawn_manager; used to control groups of spawns, set number of team respawns
  • fixed a bunch of reloading bugs
  • doubled the range on nightvision
  • added cg shader glow/blur effects (cg_glow 0/1) - thanks DeathWish
  • if spec_teamonly is on, you can no longer see which players on the other team are dead
  • changed flashbang fuse to 2 seconds
  • fixed the bug where it could not be determined if you were prone on the client side. This fixes several things, for example prone recoil is now the lowest (it was using standing recoil before)
  • prone mouse speed reduced
  • fixed observers partially respawning if they switched teams during the spawn period at the start of a round
  • made more entities reset properly when a round restarts
  • tweaked weapon accuracies (increased, especially sniper rifles)
  • made grenades drop if a player dies while priming one
  • fixed voice comm icons revealing who is dead/alive on your team
  • "delay before reset" in hi_button_load works now (for non-objective targets)
  • made raised gun lower if player moves while prone
  • removed the weapon select sounds
  • removed the sound that played when eveyone spawned (gun pickup sound)
  • fixed death animations not playing when player is holding m16
  • made player corpses stay. They disappear when a round restarts
  • added mic click sounds (can be disabled with "cl_mic_click 0")
  • selecting flashbangs from the equip menu gives you 2 flashbangs per slot now
  • map can set equipment restrictions (check hi_global in the fgd for brief explanation)
  • map can set multiple player models
  • added/fixed particle impact effects for concrete, wood, sand, grass, players (blood)
  • decreased number of rain particles
  • added cl_weather [0/1] to allow weather effects to be disabled
  • added player count to team join buttons (known bug: the count is sometimes incorrect)
  • added weapon switching delay
  • "enemy down" radio message only plays automatically for kills where the vicitim is fairly close and visible to the killer
  • added "enemydown" command to report kills manually
  • decreased player speed when looking through sniper scope, instead of forcing it to lower when the player moves too quickly
  • added fade in from black as player zooms in sniper rifle
  • increased shotgun ROF
  • added N/A images to equip vgui for disabled weapons
  • made weapon lower when player uses a hi_button_load
  • added radio spam prevention (maximum 4 commands allowed in last 10 seconds)
  • hi_button_load can be set to allow direct use only, meaning it can't be used through a wall or another solid entity
  • moved flashbangs to slot 4
  • disabled sprays
  • raised crouch FP view point slightly
  • lowered standing FP view point slightly
  • made equipment vgui change selection to EMPTY if default selection is disabled
  • made round end messages more detailed; also prints an even more detailed message in the player's console and the server logs
  • many other small fixes and improvements to the code and fgd

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