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Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy

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'Soldiers: Heroes of World War II' - v1.12.2 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on July 16, 2004 @ 11:28 a.m. PDT

Get the Soldiers: Heroes Of WW2 v1.12.2 European Patch off WP (39mb)

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II v1.12.2 Readme
I. Errata
II. Changelog
III. Mod Support

I. Errata
Some users have found that additional ports may need to be opened for

If you still encounter problems with the following open: For client machines
the game uses UDP through port 2302. For hosting, you need to allow UDP through
port 6073. Also, if you receive a warning from your Firewall saying that
" Remote Machines are attempting to access DirectX" - you will need to allow
this to connect properly.

Then you may want to try opening the following in addition: 2302-2400 UDP and
6073 UDP.

II. Changelog
Since the master of Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, several enhancements and
fixes have been made for the patch to bring the game to version 1.12.2 The
details of the changes are listed below:

- SHIFT-click can be used to queue commands. This can be used to perform
complicated actions or set movement waypoints.
- Mines are now laid with the new ordering system above (SHIFT+click will lay
each additional mine in a queued command rather than the soldier laying all
mines in a line as they do in v1.05.1)

- Greatly improved Co-operative stability for on-line and LAN - Out Of Sync
issues resolved
- Greatly improved game performance on internet-play - game will now play
faster when slow machines are connected to the server (although there will
still be some slowdown caused by slow machines).
- Fixed several balancing issues across different difficulty levels - play
should now be more suitable to the level selected.
- Added key (default V) to highlight friendly corpses on co-op play. (useful to
recussitate them!) - Shows both the soldier's name and the player in command of
the unit.
- User Interface added to re-define keys
- Fixed several rare crashes in single-player mode
- Fixed a rare crash related to loading saved games
- Fixed issue where Odetta could appear too early in Rendezvous
- Fixed objective in Ambush that happened occasionally when blocking the road
- String added for the cannons on a boat in Lighthouse mission
- Mission completed zone for a train moved to enhance gameplay
- Fixed PC resets when playing with the Matrox Parhelia and SiS Xabre cards
(please note that these cards remain unsupported and may have other issues)
- Fixed issue where a searchlight would still move after its operator was dead
- Fixed issue in Reconnaissance where player could not gain control of a
certain tank
- Fixed exploit where a soldier would continue repairing even if he holstered
his repair kit
- Fixed problem where soldiers may continue shooting if mouse button released
while cursor on mini-map
- Fixed problem where after a soldier cooks a grenade till it blows up
(suicide!) the next greade throw's timer would be wrong
- Fixed issue where gamma slider did not work on some radeon cards (please
update drivers to latest catalysts -v4.6 at time of testing)
- Fixed shadow glitch when using Radeon 9200
- Fixed glitches on walls with Radeon 7500
- Fixed issue where Rendezvous mission would not finish under certain
- Fixed issue where some DirectX8 generation radeon cards would lose textures
on soldiers' weapons
- Fixed animation for the dog (it was previously too slow compared to the dogs
- Weapons can now be unequipped with holster icon
- User can now change profile without quitting back to windows
- Fixed 'glowing soldiers' issue on a front end scene with a Radeon 7500
- Fixed an issue where the Prishib Station mission would not finish under
certain rare circumstances
- Fixed careyover issue in Co-operative play that could assign far too many
units to the host.
- Fixed overlap issue with timer on certain missions while using a vehicle that
can carry many men
- Fixed issue where weapon bars at the bottom of the screen would remain
displayed during cutscenes
- Added option to 'Restart' a mission without needing to exit back to the front
- Fixed issue where certain broken objects may be intact when loading a saved
- Fixed an exploit that could allow a host to play co-op with no clients
- Allowed clients to join a game when the current mission is finished, with no
need to exit the campaign.
- Improved chicken physics.
- Fixed issue in Ambush where t may not finish when all player's units are
- Fixed issue with co-op where on occasion the host may have no units
- Fixed multiplayer lag on machines using Windows ME.
- Improved multiplayer code that resulted in many 'Waiting For Player' messages
on screen with slow client machines
- Fixed issue where the Pz-1B would not display damage correctly
- Fixed issue where 'Tank Attack' would finish before the timer ended
- Fixed several 'mini-maps' that did not correspond 100% to the mission
- Soldiers will now be unable to enter vehicles that are upside-down
- Fixed issue that could cause GeForce 4 MX 440 cards to hang after mission
- Detected enemy mines will now be 'flagged' a different colour to mines set by
the player
- Mission intro 'flyby' scene performance improved
- Fixed an issue involving picking up an item that was being examined by
another player whereby the other player could still access the contents of the
box when it was far away.

III. Mod Support
This update adds mod support so that the community no longer needs to change
original game files for their mods to work.

NOTE: Codemasters accepts no responsibility for any content or damage caused by
files obtained from third-party sources.

Please check the forums located at for
further details on upcoming mods and details on how they are made.

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II V1.05.1 Readme

I. Introduction
II. Minimum Specification
III. Recommended Specification
IV. Supported graphics cards
V. Controls
VI. Features
VII. Contact Us
VIII. Known issues

I. Introduction:

Welcome to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, and welcome to a whole new
experience for RTS gamers!

This readme document contains the latest information for the game, which could
not make it into the manual. In this document we present the latest Minimum

and Recommended Specifications, final supported graphics cards together with a
list of complete Game Controls.

We also give some further detail on game features, together with the list of
known issues.

For all the latest updates and news on Soldiers, please visit the official

Thanks for taking the time to read - and we hope you all enjoy playing Soldiers
as much as we and our friends at Best Way have enjoyed creating the game!

II. Minimum Specification: (Single Player)

- Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
- DirectX 9.0b
- Pentium III or Athlon at 1GHz
- 256mb RAM
- Supported 32Mb Graphics card
- DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
- 1.5GB Hard Disk space

III. Recommended Specification:

- Windows XP/2000
- DirectX 9.0b
- Pentium 4 at 2GHz or AthlonXP 2000+
- 512Mb RAM
- Graphics card: GeForce FX 5xxx or Radeon 9xxx
- DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
- 1.5GB Hard Disk space

IV. Supported graphics cards:

- ATi Radeon 7500,8500,9000,9100,9200,9500,9600,9700,9800

- nVidia nForce 1 & 2, GeForce 2MX, GeForce 2 Ultra,
GeForce 3/Ti200/Ti500, GeForce 4 MX420/MX440/Ti 4200/4600,
GeForce Fx5200/Fx5600/Fx5700/Fx5800/Fx5900/Fx5950

It may be necessary to update your hardware drivers before playing. If you
experience any problems running Soldiers: Heroes of WWII try the game from the

Safe Mode Launcher located in the Start menu. This will set the graphic
options to minimum. Also make sure you have administration rights on your
operating system.

V. Controls:

- A "Attack"
- H "Use health pack"
- I "Inventory"
- F "Melee attack"
- , "Previous unit"
- . "Next unit"
- X "Examine (vehicle, box, dead or KO'd soldier)"
- D "Drop"
- U "Use item (matches, dynamite etc.)"
- T "Team Say (multiplayer only)"
- Y "Say (multiplayer only)"
- Q "Weapon quick select menu (press corresponding number)"
- W "Grenade quick select menu (press corresponding number)"
- E "Eject crew from vehicle"
- R "Rotate unit"
- O "Objectives"
- J "Follow"
- S "Cancel action"
- C "Center View"
- M "Map"

- TAB "Shows items on ground (weapons, repair kits, fuel drums etc.)"
- PRINT SCREEN "Take screen shot (files placed in the "screenshots" folder in
your Soldiers install directory)"
- BACKSPACE "Slow-motion feature"
- PAGE UP "Stance up"
- PAGE DOWN "Stance Down"
- CTRL "Hold down for temporary Direct Control"
- END "Toggle Direct Control"
- SHIFT + A "Toggle Autoaim (this can also be adjusted in the game options
- SHIFT + 1-9 "Create group (press corresponding number to reselect group,
double tap to center on group)"
- ESC "Pause menu"
- SPACEBAR "Toggle standing/prone"

- Keypad 8 "Scroll camera up"
- Keypad 5 "Scroll camera down"
- Keypad 4 "Scroll camera left"
- Keypad 6 "Scroll camera right"
- Keypad 7 "Rotate camera anticlockwise"
- Keypad 5 "Rotate camera clockwise"
- Keypad 1 "Tilt camera down"
- Keypad 2 "Tilt camera up"
- Keypad 3 "Zoom in"
- Keypad . "Zoom out"
- Keypad 0 "Toggle tank shell type (cannon must be selected)"
- Keypad + "Reload Selected Weapon"
- Keypad - "Unload Selected Weapon"
- Keypad / "Quick drop selected item"

VI. Features

Game Options Menu

1. Auto load last profile

DESCRIPTION: The last used profile is automatically loaded upon starting the
game, bypassing the login screen.

2. Slowdown while inventory exchange

DESCRIPTION: The game will slowdown the game time whenever a body, crate or
vehicle is being examined.


1. Transfer Units (Icon located at top right of the screen when in a
multiplayer game)

DESCRIPTION: When selected the currently highlighted units can be transferred
to another player through selecting that player on the menu.

VII. Contact Us

Codemasters E-mail:

Codemasters E-mail:-


VIII. Known Issues:

1. Videos / Music will not play

DESCRIPTION: The game requires the Windows Media 9 Codec to be installed on
system to play audio and video files. This should be installed with the game.
If an error
occurs during install use the solution below.

SOLUTION: Run the file 'WMFDIST.EXE' on disk 2. This will install the codecs.
Note - This will not install Windows Media Player 9, just the codecs.

2. Parts of the front end are warped / distorted

DESCRIPTION: Enabling Anisotropic filtering in the ATi control panel on
Radeon cards can cause the front end to warp / distort.

SOLUTION: In the ATi control panel set the graphics settings to 'Balanced' or

3. The sound crackles / stutters

DESCRIPTION: The sound of tank machineguns will sometimes stutter / crackle.

SOLUTION: In the Audio options in game, set the 'Buffers' to 20. This can
the problem but can also have a minor effect on performance. Also try setting
acceleration to Basic, Standard or None, this again could have an effect on

4. The game displays an 'Out of memory' error.

DESCRIPTION: With dual display mode enabled on nVidia and Ati cards the game
will display an
'Out of Memory' error message.

SOLUTION: The game does not support dual display mode or spanning.

5. Rotating the Map with Mouse Wheel is disabled if wheel is bound to

DESCRIPTION: If you have your mouse wheel set to act as Double-Click in windows
then the wheel-in map rotate feature of the game becomes disabled.

SOLUTION: Please set your mouse wheel to the default option.

6 Multiplayer: clients can't see a host's game

DESCRIPTION: No clients can see a host's game if they have a firewall running
in online play.

SOLUTION: For client machines the game uses UDP through port 2302. For hosting,

you need to allow UDP through port 6073. Also, if you receive a warning from
your Firewall saying that
" Remote Machines are attempting to access DirectX" - you will need to allow
this to connect properly.

7. The gamma slider is not working

DESCRIPTION: This affects Radeon cards in Windows XP/2K.


8. Weapons appear white in the soldier's hands.

DESCRIPTION: This affects all Radeon cards below a 9500.

SOLUTION: We hope to address this issue in a future update.

9. There are problems with the shadows

DESCRIPTION: With the Radeon 9200 on certain levels (eg. Villiers-Bocage) there
issues with shadows not displaying correctly.

SOLUTION: Select 'None' in the Shadow Type menu in the graphics options.

10. Brightly colored smoke / characters

DESCRIPTION: Using the Radeon 7500, smoke / dust can appear to 'glow' or be
lit. This can also occasionally affect walls.

SOLUTION: We hope to address this issue in a future update.

11. The game loses focus when left un-attended

DESCRIPTION: When a Windows screensaver is activated the game will lose focus.
Note - This will not pause the game.

SOLUTION: If you are likely to leave soldiers for long periods of time, please
set your screensaver to off.

12. Mission intros seem jerky.

DESCRIPTION: On the introduction sequences to some missions you might find that

scrolling around the map makes the game stutter.

SOLUTION: This usually only effects the introductions and not gameplay,
we hope to address this in a future update.

13.Multiplayer - Score for 'Breaking opponents vehicle' awarded twice

DESCRIPTION: In multiplayer players are awarded points for breaking opponents
However the points seem to be awarded twice for breaking the same vehicle.

SOLUTION: Bonus awarded separately for breaking tank body & for breaking the
tank turret.

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