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Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Dreamcatcher
Developer: People Can Fly
Release Date: April 12, 2004 (Gold Edition: April 18, 2005) (US), April 16, 2004 (EU)

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'Painkiller' - v1.3 Update Patch Details

by Rainier on July 2, 2004 @ 10:57 a.m. PDT

Stranded in a place between Heaven and Hell, your time of judgment is at hand. The Underworld is on the verge of unholy war, and you are but a pawn in the infernal battle. As you fight for your purification, the truths behind the deceptions are revealed.

1.3 Multiplayer and Singleplayer improvements and fixes:

  • NEW: network code based on constant physics framerate - smoothing game play with high framerates being possible even on servers with low physics
  • NEW: added 'Low Quality Multiplayer FX' checkbox in advanced graphics settings, removes ragdolls and some effects in favor of performance
  • NEW: added new benchmark based on Docks level (C5L2)
  • NEW: server settings changed by way of voting are reset to the default settings once players leave the server
  • NEW: now possible to set non-standard display resolution (i.e. LCD monitor resolutions) in the game menu without distortion
  • NEW: built-in support for All-Seeing Eye
  • NEW: "disconnect" console command added
  • NEW: 'showfps 1' command now includes packet loss information
  • CHANGE: likeliness of telefrags are now reduced
  • CHANGE: Electro+Driver combo removed from MP
  • CHANGE: entering teleports no longer reduces speed
  • CHANGE: damage and firing range of Electro reduced
  • CHANGE: shotgun knockback reduced slightly
  • CHANGE: chaingun knockback now included
  • CHANGE: acid DM_FALLEN2 no longer kills instantly
  • CHANGE: it is now possible to get out of the lava on DM_FALLEN2
  • CHANGE: minor FPS improvements on some MP maps
  • CHANGE: chat messages are displayed red in console
  • CHANGE: when player on his own non-dedicated server stands where a weapon is spawned in the map, other players can now pick up that weapon
  • CHANGE: ability to collect energy & ammo pack while fully healthed, for ammo
  • FIX: jumppads failing to work in rare circumstances has been fixed
  • FIX: audio effect when shooting shuriken gun repeatedly no longer cuts-out
  • FIX: server passwords now work when connecting from command line
  • FIX: scoreboard getting stuck open in rare instances as a spectator is fixed
  • FIX: benchmark scores below 29 FPS are now properly displayed
  • FIX: Windows 98 UI launching issues from 1.2 update resolved
  • FIX: minor corrections made to the geometry and textures of map DM_FALLEN2
  • FIX: a few smaller additions/bugfixes for both multi and singleplayer

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