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'U Move Super Sports' (PS2) - Screens

by Judy on July 21, 2004 @ 11:41 a.m. PDT

U Move Super Sports is a fun sports-themed video game developed for use with the EyeToy USB Camera for PS2. U Move Super Sports is expected to ship September 2004. Read more for some new screens...

Built around 15 entertaining mini-games and with a host of smaller fun asides, U Move Super Sports literally drops the player into a series of madcap sporting scenarios. Sony's innovative EyeToy® USB Camera for PlayStation 2 is used to place the player on the screen as they take part in games requiring a series of physical movements from players. The aim of each game is simply to achieve the highest score possible, while a multi-player mode also allows users to play against friends in small tournaments.

U Move Super Sports features mini-games including Perfect Goal, where the player lines up to save a penalty against a CPU striker, Hole in One – a brilliant golf simulation – and Rugby Crash, wherein players must physically tackle a rugby player. Additional games include Ball-Tossing Aliens, a second football mini-game called Yellow Card, and Sling Shot – all of which will test the player's reflexes to their limits. As an aside to the fun of the sub-games, U Move Super Sports also boasts a number of sub-stages within the game's 'Art Studio' mode that introduces a more puzzle-based aspect to the game.

September's release of U Move Super Sports marks a continuation of Konami's efforts to expand the video game medium. Having pioneered the use of external controllers with the eminently successful Dancing Stage and Karaoke Stage series, the use of the EyeToy® USB Camera for PlayStation 2 continues the publisher's commitment to releasing innovative and fun games that can appeal to all ages.

U Move Super SportsTM will be released for PlayStation 2 in September, 2004.

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