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'Playboy: The Mansion' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Celebrity Roster Expands

by Judy on July 27, 2004 @ 7:11 a.m. PDT

Groove Games and ARUSH Entertainment today announced that their upcoming, highly anticipated title Playboy: The Mansion, published under license from Playboy Enterprises, will feature celebrity guests Carmen Electra and Tom Arnold on its interactive game play roster.

Much like the ultra-cool parties thrown by Hugh Hefner in real life, players will have the opportunity to host incredible parties for dozens of celebrities in Playboy: The Mansion. Each celebrity comes equipped with his/her own characteristic data, unique to the real life personality being emulated. In addition to their physical likeness, every celebrity possesses a set of moods and drives that steer their motivations and reactions in specific social situations. Even their own zodiac signs mysteriously affect the celebrity guests. Players have the opportunity to interact with these celebrities in order to build meaningful friendships, strike profitable business deals, or even stimulate a sizzling romance.

"I am very excited about my cameo in this game," said internationally known actress, model, TV host and Playboy favorite Carmen Electra. "I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Hef and the incredible lifestyle he lives, and to have a virtual avatar representing me in Playboy: The Mansion is very exciting. I look forward to seeing myself at many of the incredible parties that gamers will throw in their virtual Playboy Mansions on the PlayStation2, Xbox and PC."

To kick off the addition of these celebrities in the game, ARUSH Entertainment and Groove Games are happy to announce a new Web site dedicated to the title. Located at, gamers can check out the latest news and info, screenshots, artwork, downloadable features and forums where they can talk with others about the game and their own ideas on how they will live the lifestyle of the world's ultimate Playboy.

"We are happy to have the star caliber that our celebrities bring to this game," said Jim Perkins, founder, president and CEO of ARUSH Entertainment. "The best part about Playboy: The Mansion is throwing kick-ass parties, and having cool celebs like Carmen and Tom make the experience more realistic for gamers. They aren't partying with Adrian Actor; they are partying with people they can see on TV or in movies any day of the week."

The release of Playboy: The Mansion marks Playboy's entry into the video game category and underlines the growth of Playboy's licensing business in the entertainment arena. In addition to game industry advertising and merchandising initiatives, ARUSH and Groove will aggressively market the game in Playboy magazine and on to support the launch.

Playboy: The Mansion, distributed in North America by Hip Interactive and developed by Cyberlore Studios, will be available for purchase at nearby retail stores during the 2004 Holiday season. For more information on the game, please visit

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