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NCsoft Launches 'Lineage: Heaven and Earth'

by Judy on July 27, 2004 @ 12:33 p.m. PDT

NCsoft today announces the latest chapter to its massively multiplayer game, Lineage. Lineage 1, Episode 2: Heaven and Earth, launches today on North American servers and gives players even more areas to explore and creatures to battle. It also introduces the Lastabad Dark Elf army, which is wreaking havoc on the towns and castles of Lineage’s fictional world of Aden.

The Lastabad have laid waste to the town of Gludin and now threaten every castle in the kingdom. If the marauding Dark Elves take over a castle, heavier taxes will be imposed on players in nearby villages.

In addition to this new gripping storyline, Heaven and Earth unveils many other new features. A completely renovated user interface improves the game experience for players. Included in the improvements—visual spell delay timers, overhead hit point (HP) and mana point (MP) visuals, and text macro and chat text color display options.

There are new quests including a high level Dark Elf quest, which provides players with the “Finger of Death,” an assassin’s blade capable of poisoning its target.

Pets can now evolve past their current state of simply following and fighting. In the Heaven and Earth expansion, some pets will have access to more powerful magic and can equip special pet weapons and armor

Heaven and Earth also offers more regions to explore, more items, weapons, armor, creatures and monsters including the dreaded Grim Reaper.

Lineage is currently available via free download at or players can request a free CD via U.S. mail from NCsoft. Lineage comes with a 7-day free trial period. After that, a subscription of US$15 per month is required to continue playing. Customers can save money by purchasing four months in a single transaction at a rate of US$11.25 per month.

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