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'Monster Garage The Game' - Demo/Trial Available NOW

by Judy on July 27, 2004 @ 9:54 p.m. PDT

"Monster Garage The Game" puts players on show host Jesse James' monster team and charges them with creating a custom machine in seven days, for $3000 or less. Activision Value has released one of their Trymedia" trial demo's giving you the chance to try out the full game for 2 hours, after which you must purchase a serial key to unlock the entire game.

Get the Monster Garage The Game Demo/Trial off WP (600mb)

Inspired from the popular Discovery channel’s TV show ‘Monster Garage’, “Monster Garage - The Game” puts the player at the head of the engineering team
charged with designing and developing uniquely tailored machines from standard road-going vehicles.

In ‘Monster Garage’, a team of skilled engineers lead by Jesse James, a custom bike builder/designer from LA, has $3000 and 7 days from design to completion
to convert a standard road vehicle into a monster by incorporating into it a secondary function while maintaining its stock appearance. The first day is spent developing a design that is cost effective and can be done in a timely manner. The remaining 6 days are then spent bringing the monster to life. Once development has been completed, the creation is spiffed up with a new paint job and some flashy accessories, they then put it to the test against its real world equivalent to see if it can stand the rigors of real life. If it matches up, Jesse and his team have once again accomplished what they have done so many times, taking a run of the mill street ride and turned it into an awe inspiring miracle of engineering ingenuity.


For each of the seven missions within the game, you have 7 days and $3000 to complete the mission challenge.


The mission challenge is displayed and the design phase begins. Some missions will have more design options than others. Learn more about each particular design option by clicking on the “Job Description” at the top of the screen. Here you’ll find various details on the design as well as a ‘How To’ video that gives some hints as to what parts you can expect to install/craft. After choosing a design, day 1 comes to a close.


This is where the real magic happens. It’s now up to you to incorporate the different elements highlighted within the design into the vehicle at hand in an attempt to complete the monstrous goal. Through ordering parts and relying on your team members to craft others, a little hard work will go a long way.


If you were able to pull the mission off, this is where you get to see your monster come alive, but before throwing your newly born machine out into the elements you have an opportunity to give it a facelift. Incorporate different custom parts, decals, and paint styles to your choosing to give your monster a unique look.

To the test. Each Mission results in a test tailored specifically to the missions challenge. Throughout the game you’ll find yourself in environments ranging from swamps to snowy trails, bringing these vehicles somewhere they were never meant to go. Success here will unlock a new challenge to master.

Removing a part:

For most parts, a simple Left-click of the mouse will move the piece from the vehicle to the parts bin (located at the bottom of the screen). Some parts may
be a little tougher to remove, causing the Left-click to bring up an un-screwing or welding window, where you’ll have to use a bit of skill to get
the part off.

Be sure you can get at the right areas to remove a part! Some times some parts need to be moved or opened to access the right area to cut or unscrew. To do
so, Right-click and the part will move to reveal the area to be worked with.

Installing a part:

To install a part that’s located in the parts bin, simply Left-click the part. Some parts will simply fit on the vehicle with no further work to be done, others will need to be screwed or welded on. If a part can’t be installed for some reason, a window will display giving the reason why. A little trial and error should result in success.

Where to get parts:

Most parts can be found within the parts catalog (Lower left of main garage screen). Simply purchase them and wait for them to arrive. Other parts may need
to be manufactured by your team.

To manufacture a part, purchase the raw material needed from the parts catalog. When it arrives, Click and Drag the part and Drop it on a team member that;s
available. This will bring up a menu showing you what they can make, and if any other materials are required.

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