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'Goldeneye 007' Creator Martin Hollis To Present 'Making Of GoldenEye 007'

by Tony "OUberLord" Mitera on July 30, 2004 @ 5:15 p.m. PDT

Martin Hollis, director and producer of the multi-award-winning GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo 64, is to present publicly for the first time ever at the forthcoming European Developers' Forum. Read more for details...

The event, which is being organised by The Independent Games Developers' Association runs from September 1st – 3rd and is part of a family of shows at Dockland's ExCeL venue which include European Games Network, a trade-only exhibition, and Game Stars Live, a massive multiformat consumer exhibition which runs through until September 5th.

His session, 'The Making of GoldenEye 007', will offer – for the first time ever from his perspective – an amazing insight into the development of the ground-breaking title, which, seven years on, is still widely regarded as one of the best first-person games ever created, and certainly the best-ever licensed title of all time.

Although much of the session will be about the game's creation, Martin will apply lessons learnt during its development to current and future projects. He will touch on his experiences since quitting Rare and setting up Cambridge-based developer Zoonami, and focus on ways in which game creators can excel in design and gameplay.

EDF is a TIGA event, supported and actively marketed by many of TIGA's partner associations, including APOM in France, GAME in Germany as well as the Dutch and Danish trade bodies. EDF's International Programme Consultant is Jennifer Olsen, the influential former editor of Game Developer magazine in the USA, while EDF's European Programme Consultant is Fred Gill of Gusto Games.

"My aim is to help others through my own experience," says Martin Hollis, founder of Zoonami, currently developing the revolutionary rhythm-action game, Funkydilla. "And as this is the first time I have ever discussed the development of GoldenEye 007 in such a public forum, I hope to offer delegates inspiration and advice which will result in better games from us all."

"This is a real coup for the European Developers' Forum," adds Fred Hasson, CEO of TIGA. "Martin is one of this country's most respected yet elusive developers and his presence at EDF illustrates that it is the only conference of its type to receive such support from the length and breadth of the industry. I'm sure, like so many of the sessions we have organised, it will be something not to be missed."

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