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'BiosFear Chapter 2: Battle for Winter Castle' Revealed - Screens

by Tony "OUberLord" Mitera on July 30, 2004 @ 5:37 p.m. PDT

Tiscali Games today announced new features which are about to be introduced to the PC game 'BiosFear' with 'BiosFear Chapter 2: Battle for Winter Castle'. Click 'Read More' for details on this free add-on.
The vast lands of "Great White Horn" are the heart of the forthcoming extention. Where icy winds blow, new and mighty monsters await the adventurer. These are a challenge for even the most hardened high level players. The area is dominated by the imposing Winter Castle, which hosts huge battles where hundreds of players fight for glory and power. An inner ring and four outer castles are the setting. In the outer castles, the rules of the battle are a capture-the-flag-style game, whereas in the inner ring, the battle lasts for one hour, and the guild which gets the most points is the winner.

Other new features include new items for characters of level 300+ and a new NPC which gives players the chance to upgrade their gems. There will be graphical enhancements too, with the environments looking even better.

"Many of the new features are designed to give experienced players new challenges. The new Castle Siege, however, should draw smaller guilds' attention as well. When fighting for the outer castles, they can actively take part in the castle siege and thus be part of a challenge which was previously reserved for the big guilds", says Carsten van Husen, Director Games International.

BiosFear Chapter 2 is a free add-on to BiosFear and is scheduled for Summer 2004.

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