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'Gotcha' (Xbox/PC) - Demo Available NOW

by Judy on July 31, 2004 @ 11:14 a.m. PDT

Get the German Gotcha demo off WP (175mb)


  • 18 male and female top players
    • Field a team and choose amongst 18 different characters!
    • 6 additional extraordinary players: beat them in illegal matches and they will join your team.
    • 6 challenging female players!
  • 12 high-tech-markers (markers are High-Tech air pressure weapons with paintball ammunition.)
    • From pistol to automatic gun
    • Paintball pumpgun
    • Sniper-marker with telescopic sight
    • Paint and smoke grenades
  • 12 fields around the earth with realistic weather effects
    • Explore diverse environments around the world: Maya temple, castle ruin, abandoned steel mill ...
    • Realistic environments: fissling coppice, glaring sunlight, weather effects and dynamic daytimes!
    • Using advanced physics engine!
  • Singleplayer campaign with league and illegal fights.
  • Internet, LAN und Xbox Live tournaments

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