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'Origin Of The Species' - Screens

by Judy on July 31, 2004 @ 10:29 a.m. PDT

Nu-Generation Games announced today their new PC title "Origin Of The Species," a 3rd person action adventure title. It combines real world locations; present day conspiracy with both military and Sci-Fi enemies to produce a vibrant, fast paced game world. Read more for details & screens...

The information below concerns the top-secret government experiment Project G.I. Ants and was supplied by Nu-Generation Games. After several months of internal debate, the company decided to go public with the information. While wanting to alert its fellow citizens of these dark deeds, they were unsure of the best method for their revelation. Nu Generation realizes that an immediate release of all information concerning Project G.I. Ants would only leave the public in total disbelief and the company being seen as just another group using an insane conspiracy theory just to get attention.

Instead, they have chose the sporadic but methodic style of releasing more and more of this information building up to the release of their PC title, Origin of The Species, where the complete truth on the confirmed trouble that various government agencies are brewing behind closed doors and one possible outcome of their wanna-be god like tampering.

This is the first of many classified documents that will prove they are not crazy, and they offer the following classified items as proof of the various covert acts our leaders are involved with.

"...Project G.I. Ants - A term that describes a class of highly intelligent, genetically altered insects and parasites. Deployable en masse and performing individual or collective target attacks. Various deployment approaches are possible, including: Unmanned Container Aircraft (U.C.A.) or Unmanned Submersible Container Craft (U.S.C.C.) An aircraft or submersible craft in which standard shipping containers comprise a major portion of the fuselage or hull. (See document #66.33.25 for U.C.A. and U.S.C.C. Info) Attack is accomplished by a variety of insect species working together. The various species testing positive for genetic manipulation confirms the fact that no military objective or the elimination of a political target is unattainable." From Top Secret, Classified Document #003.96345.70 page 3, section I paragraph 3.7

Project G.I. Ants is possible because of the recent man-made viral agent "Triton-76". The various dispersal tests conclude that the highest rate of contamination (70%) was accomplished by the release of virus "Triton-76" into the surrounding air. The next tests will utilize high flying aircraft whose engine exhausts will be mixed with "Triton-76". This high altitude dispersal method has proven successful in prior covert operations such as, climate control, immunization of populations against future Bio-warfare, and Project Geezer which is a systematic attempt to kill off the old and sick as part of the New World Order. Note, while highly affective, this method of using a plane's contrail to hide the artificial substances began in 1959.Therefore it has also become noticed by the general population. They have become very suspicious of this activity and are referring to this cloud seeding as Chemtrails.

From Top Secret, Classified Document #003.96345.70 page 111, section 51, paragraph 9.6

Game Features:

  • Hardcore action meets RPG featuring Nu Generation’s RPG Lite technology to produce an unobtrusive, straight forward and ultimately rewarding character enhancement system.
  • RPG Lite "Play as you want" system applies ‘Style Points’ to the action genre by allowing the player to choose the way they want to play each level of the game.
  • Over 10 special offensive and defensive moves to choose. Use these on their own or combine them with traditional blasting to produce wild new emergent game play styles and innovative new combos.
  • Traditional blasting fans will not be disappointed either, with close to 20 traditional weapons from 9mms to S.M.G to R.P.G to Rail Gun, Pheromone gun and Graviton beam.
  • Fast and flexible movement system tailored for combat game play. The game features compact and dynamic dodge moves as well as traditional jump and double jump.
  • Interact and save the NPCs in the game world with compelling risk Vs reward stakes to earn extra information and abilities.
  • Rigid body dynamics, rag doll and vehicles are all accounted for in the realistic physics engine that drives the "Origin Of The Species" game world.
  • Introducing a new and exciting main Character, "Dirt," the urban rock chick, g-string wearing girl and ‘Mr Boo,’ her emotive bear backpack that conveys information about the surrounding game world.
  • Fight a vast array of mutated abominations, as well as Black Op Marines and their arsenal of weapons.

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