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'Dance Dance Revolution Extreme' (PS2) - Screens

by Judy on July 31, 2004 @ 4:30 p.m. PDT

Konami Digital Entertainment America today announced Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (DDR Extreme) – the newest game in the mega-popular Dance Dance Revolution series for the PS2. Delivering the ultimate interactive dancing experience for today’s pop culture, DDR Extreme surpasses previous games in the series with new innovative gameplay, more licensed songs, more features and more game modes than ever before!

DDR Extreme™ takes the best-selling dancing series to new heights with the most fun-filled gameplay modes and a spectacular and diversified line-up of tunes to enjoy. Showcasing over 100+ minutes of licensed and original dance music, DDR Extreme™ is packed with chart-topping dance songs that have been recorded by internationally acclaimed artists. Additionally, hit music videos will add to the excitement for dancers and spectators alike.

DDR Extreme™ includes new features designed to make the game the most advanced title in the series. The exciting and competitive "Oni Mode," which first appeared in DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution™, returns in DDR Extreme™ as a full-fledged game mode. Aimed at the expert dancers, this non-stop challenge mode only allows players to make a maximum of four mistakes in a row during the entire course of a game. Also new is the never-before-seen "Mission Mode" which involves completing specific dancing challenges that can be played by a single player, or as an intense two-player dance battle.

Prepare for the ultimate workout with Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. The greatest dance party to hit the PlayStation(r)2, DDR fans will have their hands full as they play all-new game modes that support the EyeToy Camera. Some of the new modes include "Clean the Screen" which requires players to clear an obstructed view on the screen by waving their arms while dancing, and "Coconut Panic" challenges players to catch falling coconuts with their hands by shaking the palm trees with their feet using the DDR dance mat.

DDR Extreme provides players with numerous mini-party games and more than 100+ minutes of licensed and original dance music to keep players moving their feet and shakin' their bodies all night long.

DDR Extreme™ will ship in Fall 2004.

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