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'Warlords BattleCry 3' - v1.02 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 4, 2004 @ 7:50 p.m. PDT

Enlight has released a patch for their strategy game Warlords BattleCry 3. This update patch brings your retail game to v1.02 and fixes a bug in v1.01 which adversely affected unit attack speeds. Read more for download links ...

Get the Warlords BattleCry 3 v1.02 patch off WP (17mb)

WBC3 1.02 Patch Fixes

Unfortunately a bug fix in 1.01 adversely affected unit attack speeds. They are now set to base of 1.5 seconds, with a cap of 0.5 seconds

The Elven Hunter has had his Armor & Damage reduced by 5, bis combat reduced by 2 and his Build time increased by 5 sec

The Woodrider has had his build time reduced from 75 sec to 60 sec

WBC3 1.01 Patch Fixes

  • Fixed a random crash to desktop involving the A.I.
  • Fixed a crash to desktop involving Undead (especially in Multiplayer)
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Knight's Quest ability (involving having 2 or more sides of the same race in the same battle).
  • No more free Call the Dead for Liches
  • No more free Call the Dead for Liches
  • Serpentslayer now works
  • Engineer skill now works
  • Vampire is now causing Fear correctly
  • Fixed hotkeys for: Freeze, Call the Dead, Summon Blades & Sword of Sirian
  • Removed Imps from the Wood Elf list in the editor
  • Removed Elven Hunter from High Elves & Dark Elves in the editor
  • No matter the bonuses applied, all spells now take a minimum of 1 mana to cast.
  • No more double XP from hero skills on summoned troops.
  • Typo: Fixed requirements for Wight from Dark Mill to Boneyard
  • Typo: Added info text for seals & turtles
  • Typo: Updated “Flaming Arrow” text to better describe what happens
  • Typo: Updated “Resist Fire” text to remove the word “immune”
  • Typo: Graveyard now mentions that it builds Skeleton Cavalry

Balance Changes

  • Daemon: Imps get Fast Attack Speed
  • Dwarves: Dwarf Infantry now take 32 sec & 30g, 75m (not 30sec, 25g, 70m)
  • Dwarves: Berserkers now take 85 sec & 300m (not 75 sec & 275m)
  • Dwarves: Khazrimi Guard now take 100 sec & 175g 225s (not 90 sec & 150g 200s)
  • Hero: Assassination attempts vs. Heroes now subtract the target hero's level from the percentage chance of success.
  • Hero: Comprehension spell no longer gives a flat 50% reduction to skill costs. It gives 25% + 5% per level of mastery (max of 50%).
  • Hero: Armageddon does 100 + 50/lvl damage (not 100 + 100/lvl)
  • Hero: All-seeing Eye now gives +5XP per point (not +10XP)
  • Hero: Bronze Golem spell is now 60 Mana (was 36 mana)
  • Hero: Decreased the effect of the merchant skill (now increases at half the previous rate)
  • Hero: DEX now gives 1 Resistance per point (not 1 per 2 points)
  • Hero: DEX now gives 1 Armor per 2 points (not 1 per 4 points)
  • Hero: DEX now affects a hero's attack speed, not Morale (see below)
  • Hero: Energy Skill now gives +5% mana regen per point (not +10%)
  • Hero: Guardian Oak now gives +5XP per point (not +10XP)
  • Hero: Healers no longer get Arcane Magic… replaced with Regeneration
  • Hero: Ice Storm does 100 + 50/lvl damage (not 100 + 100/lvl)
  • Hero: Invigorate spell now affects attack speed as well as movement speed
  • Hero: Pillar of Fire does 100 + 40/lvl damage (not 120+ 60/lvl)
  • Hero: Priests no longer get Arcane Magic… replaced with Magic Resistance
  • Hero: Raise Champion Spell is now 65 mana (not 50 mana)
  • Hero: Resist Missiles now gives resistance to missiles, not immunity
  • Hero: Ring of Ice does 50 + 25/lvl damage (not 40+ 20/lvl)
  • Hero: Rune skills now give +5% Life per point (not +10%)
  • Hero: Slimemaster now gives +5XP per point (not +10XP)
  • Hero: Spell recovery times (see below)
  • Hero: STR now gives 1 Combat per point (not 1 per 2 points) and base hero combat is now 4 (not 8)
  • High Elf: Moonguard max mana is now 25 (from 35), starting mana is now 10 (not 20)
  • High Elf: Multitarget mana cost is now 25 (not 20)
  • Knights: Inquisitor gets electrical damage
  • Miscellaneous: Halved prices of items in shops
  • Plague: Cryohydras now cost 200m 160c (not 200g 160c)
  • Ssrathi: Towers now do 35 Piercing/Poison Damage (was 30 Fire)
  • Swarm: Wasp now has Assassination (vs. air units only) like a Gnoll.
  • Swarm: Scorpions get Fast Attack Speed
  • Swarm: Towers now do 20 Magic Damage (was 30 Fire)
  • Undead: Fallen Knight skill now costs 600g 800m (was 400g 500m).
  • Undead: Wights now cost 70m to morph (was 50m).
  • Undead: Slayer Knights now cost 250m to morph (was 200m).
  • Undead: Doomknights now cost 350m to morph (was 300m).

New Rule – Spell Recovery Times

For a time, after a spell is cast, a hero may not cast another spell.

This time is a number of seconds equal to 1, plus the base mana cost of the spell multiplied by the level of the spell and divided by 50. So for a 30 mana spell, 5 th in the spell list (level 5) this would be 30*5/50 = 4.0 seconds. For Heal Self, this would be 1*8/50 = 1.16 seconds.

New Rule – Hero Attack Speed

A hero's attack speed is now based off of his DEX, not his MORALE. Morale still affects all of his troops, but his own speed will be 1 second less 0.01 second for every point of DEX over 10. This may not go lower than 0.4 seconds.

New Features

  • 2 New music tracks
  • 15 New Magic Items


  • Improved dedicated server
  • Improvement to the automatic restart mechanism
  • Text input buffer increased
  • Automatic patch update
  • Icon for players currently in a game
  • Player idle icon
  • Updated help messages
  • Private message window
  • Various stability improvements

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