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'Raging Tiger' Goes Gold - Demo Available NOW

by Judy on July 6, 2004 @ 1:01 a.m. PDT

Raging Tiger explores the very real possibility of a new, even more violent conflict on the Korean Peninsula. It has all of the features which Armored Task Force fans have grown to love. But it also adds a ton of new features, including amphibious warfare, in-game reinforcements, and civilians and refugees on the battlefield. This demo includes 2 scenarios, one featuring ROK marines, and the other featuring coalition operations with ROK-US units fighting towards a single objective. Read more for download links ...

Get the Raging Tiger demo off WP (22mb)

Raging Tiger adds a ton of new features to the Armored Task Force game engine. All of the gaming goodness that ATF fans have come to love is still there. But we started where we left off with Armored Task Force and have added a whole new dimension to game play.

  • Asymetric warfare. Ripped from today's headlines, your forces will have to deal with all the elements that are part of the modern battlefield. Civilians and refugees on the battlefield, guerilla tactics on vulnerable lines of communication, NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) warfare, it's all there!
  • 100% Backward compatibility. We haven't "thrown the baby out with the bath water". All of your scenarios from Armored Task Force, including custom, player-made scenarios, will run with Raging Tiger. And, what's more, we are expanding the multiplayer community. You can compete with Armored Task Force players in the ATF Arena, as long as you all have the same scenario.
  • Amphibious warfare. Cybernetic warfare is no longer solely the purview of the Army. The Marines are getting in on the act with "over the horizon" operations and landing operations. Your LCACs will thunder ashore while your Harriers and Super-Cobras pound the shoreline.
  • Coalition operations. Fight along side your coalition partners to defeat tyranny and make the world safe for democracy! You will command joint, multinational task forces in all out war across the DMZ.

We have added a bunch of new tools that will give Raging Tiger a whole new look and feel and give scenario designers all kinds of new treats to work with.

  • Locked units. You will have varying degrees of control over your units in Raging Tiger. You might pass through a friendly unit to continue the attack, being able to see, but not control the unit you pass through. You may receive priority of fires from an artillery unit, but not be able to move or control them. During the fight, you might receive reinforcements that suddenly appear on the edge of the map. The possibilities are endless!
  • Vehicle carriers. LCACs carry your armor ashore. HEMMT PLSs carry flat racks full of ammunition. This is only the "tip of the iceberg" on what this new capability can do.

We have really striven to give Raging Tiger a completely different look and feel from any of our prior releases.

  • Campaign style start. We have implemented a new start menu style that lays out all of the scenarios in "campaign" format. But don't worry. We are holding firm to our belief that when you buy a game, you should have access to every byte of data. There are no "locked" missions in Raging Tiger.
  • Graphics and sound. Raging Tiger has given the ATF Engine a real face lift! With richly detailed maps and vehicle icons, vastly improved sound effects, and a few new visual treats, the interface is more informative and functional than ever before.

These are only a few of the features we have included in Raging Tiger. To find out more, stay tuned to this website.

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