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'ESPN NFL 2005' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens & Trailer

by Judy on July 9, 2004 @ 8:33 p.m. PDT

Get the ESPN NFL 2005 Trailer off Worthplaying (8mb)

Enter the newly renovated and improved Crib, ESPN NFL 2K5’s unlockables and extras area where winning big games and making big plays rewards very well. Twice as big as last year’s Crib, gamers will find a two-story house which they can design everything from having a waterfall in the atrium, to what message flashes across the electronic ticker above the bar area. Over 200 new items can be unlocked and with the new Crib Point system, you’ll be able to purchase tons of new items throughout 10 different catalogs.

The Crib is also where celebrities will call on the user for a one-on-one football challenge. Different celebrities will call you at various times throughout the game and beating a celebrity will reveal special unlockables featuring the celebrities in behind-the-scenes footage. Of course, new mini-games are available in the Game Room as well as an enormous new trophy area. Of course, you better have the skills to pay the bills in order to get the good stuff for your Crib, as there are a tremendous amount of goals to attain.

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