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'Rise Of Nations' - Update Patch 4 Released

by Judy on Aug. 10, 2004 @ 4:50 p.m. PDT

Microsoft has released a new patch for Big Huge Games' RTS Rise OF Nations. This patch 4 is largely a balance patch that will nerf Maya and Spain, as well as introduce some unit balance changes that those of you with the expansion pack already enjoy. Thrones & Patriots Patch 1 is currently in production but there is no release date for it yet. Read more for details ...

To download update 4: Run Rise of Nations and click the "Check for Updates" button, or log onto GameSpy through the "Multiplayer Game" menu.

If there is no "Check for Updates" button on the menu: This button was added in a patch for Rise of Nations, so if you've just installed the game it will not appear on the main menu. You can either log onto GameSpy through the "Multiplayer Game" menu and auto-download Patch 4, or download Patch 3 (see below) which will add the "Check for Updates" button to the menu. You will then be able to click it to install Patch 4.

If you have problems with the autopatcher: There will not be a standalone .exe version of patch 4. If you encounter an error during patch installation and need to run the patch again, you can manually execute the patch by following these steps:

Click the start button and select "Run".
Type in "cmd" and press enter. This will bring up the command prompt window. (For Win9x users, select the command prompt from the start menu)
Type in "cd" and then "cd X", where X is the location of the main Rise of Nations folder on your system. (Eg. cd Program FilesMicrosoft GamesRise of Nations)
Once in the root folder for Rise of Nations, type "rise /patch rn2.04.04.2903.rtp /p". The patch should then begin to install.
To verify the patch has installed: To check what version of the game that you have, start Rise of Nations and select "Tools & Extras" from the main menu. Then select "About Rise of Nations" and you should see the version listed at the top of the window.

Patch 4 (10.8MB), version

Gameplay Changes & Balance Fixes

  • Spanish scouts lose line of sight bonus
  • Spanish goodie boxes now give +26 resources instead of +35 for each science tech
  • Maya Building Timber bonus reduced to 20% from 33%
  • Maya Building HP bonus reduced to 20% from 50%
  • Maya Building speed bonus reduced to 20% from 50%
  • Maya arrows fired from buildings down from 2 to 1
  • All units that attack while moving do slightly more damage against units that attack while moving (up to 115% from 100%)
  • Armored car line does 150% damage against: spy, supply wagon, scout line (up from 100%)
  • Howitzer and Rocket Artillery made slightly weaker vs foot troops (only 100% damage, down from 115%)
  • Armored car at 166% damage (up from 125%) vs siege
  • Tanks at 115% damage (up from 100%) vs seige
  • Mobile AA at 100% damage (up from 75%) vs helis
  • Nerfed Modern Helicopters vs Tanks (2/3)
  • Increased Catapult (75 to 80) and Trebuchet (92 to 100) Hitpoints
  • Machine gun ramping cost reduced to a flat +10/+10 per unit
  • Trebuchet and Heavy Flaming Arrow Upgrade premium reduced to 3/2
  • All Longbowmen now have range of 12
  • Tercios weakened (19 attack, 195 hits -> 18 attack, 185 hits)

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