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'Battlefield 1942' - Updated MDT Available NOW

by Judy on Aug. 14, 2004 @ 11:19 a.m. PDT

EA has released an updated version for the Battlefield 1942 Mod Development Tool. The v2.5 MDT introduces tools and guides for both the beginning and advanced Battlefield 1942 modder. This version is fully compatibility with Battlefield Vietnam and adds enhancements and fixes to the vehicle editor, .SM file imports and exports, the menu editor, and more. Read more for download links ...

Get the BF1942 MDT v2.5 off Worthplaying (3.5mb)

About the Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit

The Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit allow artists and programmers to create modifications based on Battlefield 1942™ or Battlefield Vietnam™ from Electronic Arts Inc. Modifications include adding new vehicles, new weapons, new textures, sounds, etc. This tool kit does not provide the ability to create

Here is what’s included with the Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit.

  • 3ds max™ Version 5 or 6 Tools (3D Model Import/Export, Animation Export, Tree Export, Shader Support and Vehicle Import/Export)
  • gmax™ 1.2 Tools (3D Model Import/export, Animation Export)
  • Menu File Editor
  • Sound Script Editor
  • RFA Tools (Extraction/Creation)
  • Mod Wizard
  • 3ds to SM Convertor


  • 3ds max™ tools require 3ds max™ version 5 in order to run.
  • The Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit requires Windows XP/2000/98/95. It does not support Windows ME.
  • gmax™ tools require gmax™ version 1.2. gmax™ is a free 3d modeling and animation package from Discreet. It can be downloaded at
  • The Menu File Editor, Sound Script Editor, RFA Tools and Mod Wizard are made to edit content from Battlefield 1942™ version 1.5 or greater or Battlefield Vietnam™.

For tutorials on these tools, please refer to the official Battlefield MDT website located at

Installation Instructions

When installing the Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit, please pick a location to install the Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit to. Once installed, you will see the following folders,

3dsmax Tools (Contains the 3ds max™ tools installer)
MaxSceneFile Examples (Contains sample 3ds max™ files)
ModWizard (Contains a mod wizard)
SSC Editor (Contains a Sound Script Editor)
gmax Tools (Contains the installer for gmax™ tools)
Menu Editor (Contains a BF1942 Menu editor)
RFA Tools (Contains RFA tools)
3D Model Conversion (3ds to SM Convertor)

You will also see an .exe created called BF_Tools.exe. This file is the front end of all the tools installed.

Once installed, you will see a shortcut called "Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit" under "EA Games" in your start menu.

You must separately install either the 3ds max™ tools or gmax™ tools depending on what product you want to edit 3d models and animation in.

* If you installed the 3ds max™ tools, you must run the 3dsmax.exe included with 3ds max™ application.

* If you installed the gmax™ tools, you must run the "gmax MDT" shortcut located in the EA GamesBattlefield Mod Development ToolkitToolsgmax Tools or the "Run gmax" button on the BF_Tools.exe front end.

Un-Installation Instructions

Uninstalling the Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit can be accomplished by selecting the "Uninstall Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit" link in the "EA GamesBattlefield Mod Development Toolkit" shortcut. This will automatically remove all of its components. However, you must uninstall the 3ds max™ tools and gmax™ tools separately if they are already installed.

If you chose to install the 3ds max™ toolset or the gmax™ tools, please run the BF Tools from the ProgramsEA GamesBattlefield Mod Development Toolkit menu and choose to uninstall. Both 3ds max™ and gmax™ should be closed when uninstalling.

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