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Heroes of Annihilated Empires

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: CDV
Developer: GSC Game World

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'Heroes of Annihilated Empires' Announced - Screens

by Judy on Aug. 19, 2004 @ 7:44 a.m. PDT

Heroes of Annihilated Empires offers an extraordinary blend of RTS and RPG gameplay, challenging gamers to create a powerful leader and a dominant military force through battle, diplomacy and treachery in a rich fantasy world.

Creating the Heroes of Annihilated Empires, far from making a game, we build a bridge to the world of imagination living deep inside in each of us. A world that has become an arena for six great races that are ready to engage in the conflict, never seen by these lands before. While leading heroes and mighty armies to victory, bringing your people to peace and prosperity you will encounter hundreds of obstacles on your way. Mixing role-playing game with real-time strategy, we deliver you a new experience and unique gameplay, where you can feel yourself the Hero of a legendary epic tale. This time it's not about units, it's about armies with thousands of soldiers that entrust their fate in your hands. It's about responsibility taken by great leaders and future of entire races. Survival or extinction? It's all up to you to decide.

Beginning with a rather ordinary man, you shall walk your path, gathering your followers around, coming through treachery, death of friends and leaving new hope behind. Be aware, that there are a lot of tribes that do not interfere with war, both aggressive and friendly, they may help you in your quest or become an enemy. Do not disregard them, as they are a strong force that can decide the outcome of battle or be a source of side quests.

Searching for magical artifacts, treasures and lost attainments you may explore ancient ruins and dangerous dungeons. Gaining experience, you will grow stronger. Growing stronger you will build bases were you can train your troops and eliminate foes in the area. Mastering devastating and constructive spells, your hero will summon magic creatures, enchant his soldiers' abilities and wipe out hundreds of dare encounters with powerful force of his knowledge.

When choosing your race, choose carefully, as they are a complete difference from each other and your choice will affect the gameplay. Some of them are strong at offence, while some are better at defense, some base their development and strategy on magic and others bet on war machinery or brute force. There are hundreds of strategic decisions in the battle and researches of new upgrades, there are a lot of parameters that should be considered by commander, if he is after victory. Do not forget about morale and experience of your soldiers, think about landscape advantages and use spells not only to kill the enemy, but to support your forces as well and you shall prevail. Rush without thinking and let enemy dance on your bones. Be wise. Be strong. Be a hero!

The game will be published by GSC World Publishing, a division of GSC Game World.

Key Features

  • Epic trilogy combining aspects of RTS and RPG bringing you a totally unique experience that can be compared with best epic movie scenes owing to scale, special effects and graphics
  • Involving story that will never leave the player indifferent to the fate of the world and characters. Love and hate, loyalty and treachery, cowardice and duty - it's all mixed in the game to make it fantasy and make fantasy a reality too
  • High quality cut-scenes between the missions immersing the player into atmosphere of the game and the story behind it
  • Large-scale battles with up to 64.000 units on the battlefield
  • Real taste of magic and spells capable to destroy entire armies or bring back hopes in the hearts of broken troops that will arise and be ready for true heroic deeds
  • Multiple effect of magic spells, depending on spell target. Multitude of tactical magic usage in the game, were a timely used spell may become a turning point of the battle
  • Completely unique races - units, tech trees, spells, artifacts and buildings. Each of the races has its weaknesses and advantages.
  • Combination of 3D and 2D technologies to deliver best possible gameplay and eye-candy
  • Possibility to develop hero, acquire new skills, artifacts and skills
  • 18 heroes, 100 different units, 70 animated buildings, 50 magic items
  • Many stunning spells of six different schools
  • Six unique landscapes corresponding to the six nations. Outstanding graphics and feeling of a fantasy magic world awaking the players' imagination
  • Huge game world with many neutral tribes living by their own laws in their own small societies. Neutrals interact with the player, including communication, entering into alliances, helping out in trouble and so on.
  • Fight, seek for treasures and artifacts, complete side quests and explore game world on and under the ground, at sea and in skies
  • Gorgeous environment and atmospheric music

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