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'SÖLDNER: Secret Wars' - v29354 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Aug. 2, 2004 @ 9:30 a.m. PDT

Jowood has released the first patch for Wing Simulations' multiplayer shooter SÖLDNER: Secret Wars. This v29354 adds a new Bone Mountain map, a new M4 Sopmod weapon M4 Sopmod, various game optimizations, disables fog in the Commander mode, bug fixes and plenty more. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Soldner v29354 Patch Off WP (44mb)

This list shows you the changes that have been implemented in patch v29354.

Net code/Technical Changes

- Improved Keyboard input for more responsive player controls.
- Fix for the "Send Challenge" bug.
- Fixed several memory leaks.
- Fix to the "2 Commander" exploit and the associated crash.
- Fix to the Client crash, which occurred when a Player was in the UCS Screen when a map changed.
- Enabled MipMaps for High Detail textures.
- The Particle system speed has been increased due to use of MipMaps.
- Fixed 32Bit MipMap generation.
- Fixed a problem when Terminals were not correctly rendered.
- Fixed a Warehouse (Terminal) Crash.
- Fixed a "bomb-detector" crash that sometimes occurred after a player disarmed a bomb.
- Improved Joystick support. All joystick options can now be defined in the "In Game Options" menu.
- Camera interpolation for Soldier model is now much smoother.
- Fixed a crash which occurred during weapon change.
- Fixed a crash caused by switching from Single player to Multiplayer.
- Crash fix for Windows ME/98 on Asian language versions.


- Fixed a Medi-Kit anomaly (was not decreasing charges correctly on use).
- Removed an imbalance with the Medi-Kit Healing and its Pickups.
- Parachutes won't open automatically upon exiting a vehicle.
- Fixed a "vanishing Crosshair" problem.
- Protection afforded by Body Armour has been updated.
- Fixed the "self-refilling" Med-Kit exploit
- Fixed the bug where a Soldier's head would disappear during weapon-change.
- Fixed the incorrect colours in the Engineer Kit.
- Bombs can no longer be disarmed while running.
- Fixed the one-click repair exploit.
- Fixed head position; you should not be able to look 'through' the ground anymore
- The solder will now stop moving during voting.
- New terminal feature added; players can now spawn with a weapon drawn, chosen via a 'Personal Inventory Radio' button. (Only during the Pre-Round setup)
- Fixed the Invisible Parachute bug.
- Fixed a Wall hack (it is now no longer possible to run through walls).
- The jump animation has been optimised.
- Fixed another bug where the soldier's head would disappear when either changing or dropping weapons while zoomed-in.
- Added a new soldier head to the UCS.
- Aligned the Bomb detector correctly to the soldier's hand
- The Toolkit readout for a vehicle's proper health was incorrectly displayed, this has now been fixed.
- When in a prone position the Soldier's head should no longer appear in front of the camera.
- The camera is now ground-aligned when in the prone position
- In order to combat spawn camping, players will now spawn with temporary invulnerability.
- Rocket launchers can now be used from the prone position
- Players can now press "G" to drop their Parachutes during flight. This only works once per drop.
- Removed movement glitches.
- Removed jump glitch, which resulted in the soldier being idle after jumping.
- Fixed several diving problems.
- Fixed an auto-rotation bug which occurred while crouching with a long-range weapon.
- Resupply works correctly on all vehicles now.
- Fixed a problem where the player stood up in the Vehicle when using AGS
- Fixed several appearances of the "angel-animations". (The standard arms-outstretched pose for character models)
- Fixed a bug with the sniper kit, where a pistol and knife would appear, while the player was 'invisible' and changing weapons.
- The Soldier will no longer change stance when reloading.
- Fixed a bug where the cloaking process would not abort, when the sniper kit is deselected.

Commander Mode/Player Map

- Fixed multiplayer commander mode camera.
- The map now correctly shows the position the player is facing.
- Due to player feedback, the "You are now the Commander" message has been removed.
- Fixed a bug where only the Commander was able to use Vehicles after a map restarted.
- Fixed a bug where a player could not leave the commander mode when running
- Fixed a Bug where team members were shown as "killed" in the Commander mode when they left the area of interest.
- Changed alignment, size and opacity of the Commander Attack icons
- Due to player feedback, the "Map Check" message has been removed.
- Commander initialisation volume has been decreased.
- Commander tasks will now be deleted upon a player's death.
- Disabled fog in the Commander mode.
- Commander can see assigned tasks only when in Commander mode


- Several Weapon Parameters have been corrected.
- Sniper rifle damage has been slightly reduced.
- Increased prices of all sniper rifles.
- The range of machine pistols has been slightly increased.
- Increased recoil on all sniper rifles.
- Heavy machine gun accuracy has been slightly improved.
- Sniper rifles are now slightly less accurate.
- The Steyr TMP is now less accurate.
- Changed the pricing on the G11 and G36.
- OICW and AK74, both do more damage.
- The price, accuracy and ammo count for the AUG and L65A1 has been adjusted.
- Infrared goggles are now more expensive.
- Price of the Freedom Arms and Glock18 has been adjusted.
- Assault rifle pricing has now been adjusted. (Mainly on AK and M4 carbines)
- All pistols are now less accurate and follow the same rules as rifles.
- Adjusted pivot points in Launcher Animation. Grenades and Launchers now follow the hands correctly
- The Steyr TMP now has new "suppressed" sound effects.
- New Weapon: M4 SOPMOD
- Sound effects: Flash bang volume has been decreased.


- Enemy vehicles are no longer visible on the radar.
- Fixed a Problem where you accidentally changed Camera modes if Scope was activated in a Vehicle (entered Vehicle in 3rd Person, left in 1st Person)
- Vehicles that topple onto their sides or roofs will no longer exhibit 'jumping'.
- Tank steering has been improved.
- Tanks should no longer get stuck on little objects.
- Added Scopes to most vehicles.
- Added Night vision and Infrared to the respective vehicles.
- Damage from rocket launchers used against tanks has been rebalanced.
- Improved speed of tank gun shells.
- The accuracy of all tank machine guns has been improved.
- Fixed the mobile spawn point/Hook exploit.
- Fixed a spawn issue when more than one mobile respawn unit was present
- PVCF machinegun and Blackhawk machinegun have had their damage increased.


- "Hooked" vehicles will no longer sink into the ground.
- "Heat-seeker lock" is now working correctly.
- Fixed a crash which occurred when player used the hook.
- Dropping bombs will no longer destroy the plane which deployed them.
- Added a "nose-cam" to all Helicopters and Jets.
- Jets now have a "Missile Warning" sound.
- Helicopter prices have been adjusted.
- Fixed unrealistic rope behaviour, when hooking vehicles.
- SU-37 Flanker has now had its name correctly changed to the SU-34 Flanker.
- Changed default joystick settings for aircraft
- Changed price of the Comanche.


- Fixed the Score table for Deathmatch.
- New Map, Bone Mountain, added.
- Added Configurable Team Cash functionality.
- "Time change at end of round" works correctly now.
- Player can now see how and when server settings are changed.
- Score table fix: A player won't find him/herself in two teams at the same time anymore.
- Fixed a bug where kill messages showed the wrong unit name.
- Fixed: Floating Terminal at CP -Echo- in Silver Eye
- Fixed: Plattenbau HQ Flag now works.
- Changed co-ordinates to center the player map in "Bone Mountain" and "Plattenbau".
- Auto-team deactivated by default (Server setting, can be altered by Admin)
- New: Auto team now only works on join and team change.
- New: Auto Team Leveling on Death setting: levels teams if unbalanced by x players.
- Prepared Server for ingame serveradmin controlls: Kick, Ban, Restart, ChangeMap, Weather
- Implemented new Kill Messages: Plex [AK 47] Udett


- Corrected typo in Options menu
- Umlauts will appear correct when pressing "Tab"
- End screen will appear after 2 seconds now (or on mouse click)
- Vote menu won't perform Stop Movement any longer if being transported.
- Added New Splash screen.
- Lowered the resistance of wooden fences, it is possible to shoot through them now.
- Time display in the Vote menu works correctly now.

Single Player

- Single player: Removed redundant code which would create a save game called "current" upon loading a campaign
- Fixed a bug where upon creating a new campaign the player skill would not be reset.

Soldner v28610 Patch Fixes

  • Soldier: Parachutes wont open automatically any longer
  • Soldier: Fixed a "No Head" bug (IR active when entering a vehicle)
  • Soldier: Fix for Multiple death on spawn (result of hammering the "play" button during lag)
  • Soldier: Head bobbing implemented in 1st person view mode
  • Commander: Commander cant assign himself targets any longer
  • Commander: Added Transparency mode for commander mode
  • Commander: Fixed camera problem in Commander Mode
  • Commander: Waypoints set by your commander will now be shown in the radar too
  • Commander: Split Team funds now works again
  • Commander: Commander will now see all assigned tasks
  • Commander: All Commander Tasks will be removed at the end of a round and/or a map restart
  • Commander: Fixed a crash which occurred when two team members received the same attack target by the commander
  • Commander: Fixed "frozen-soldier bug": when leaving commander mode after commander kit was used
  • Commander: Vehicle controls are disabled when in commander mode
  • Vehicle: No more "Crazy heartbeat" after leaving a Vehicle
  • Vehicle: Vehicles no longer bouncing/jumping on spawn or entering
  • Vehicle: Fixed the infamous wormhole bug (player get warped through map when leaving a vehicle in rare occasions)
  • Vehicle: No more third person scope when a teammate is entering a vehicle while the driver is using the scope.
  • Vehicle: Brake fix, due to the physic changes in the last patch the brake-settings got to weak. They are back to full power again. (send us feedback)
  • Vehicle: Fixed a CTD which occurred when a "hooked" vehicle got shot of the hook and the Pilot of the Helicopter pressed "h" at the same time
  • Vehicle: Vehicle Controls work properly now while the player map is open
  • Vehicle: Fixed a bug where it was possible to enter a Vehicle while inside the 2nd level of a building
  • Player Map: The player map now also works in Flyers
  • Player Map: The player map now starts in transparency mode by default
  • Player Map: Added option to display player nametags in the player map. Press "," on the Num Pad to change between the options
  • Game Mode: Flag posts in Conquest mode are much more solid now
  • Game Mode: All Game Modes now have a default time limit setting. Example: Conquest 45 Minutes. This can be adjusted by the server admin
  • Weapon: Grenades shots from the Milkor will now have proper Collision detection
  • Weapon: The knife doesn't disappear anymore when you carve a team logo
  • Weapon: The progress bar won't be displayed anymore when using a knife on something different than a building
  • Weapon: Fixed a Desktop Crash which occurred when Rockets missed their target and didn't stop flying
  • Joystick: "X" and "Z" axis are now fixed for flyers
  • Joystick: Joystick support must now be manually activated to use
  • Server: Added an option to password protect LAN servers
  • Server: Added "ServerKeepAlive File" (for automated restart of crashed or frozen servers)
  • Server: Overall stability of the stand alone server improved
  • Appearance: Fix and optimization for rendering of 3D Particles
  • Appearance: Fixed Problem with lost Tree textures after ALT & TAB during loading
  • Score List: Team list fix, team list always visible when more than 8 players
  • Terminal: Player stops now automatically when opening a terminal while running
  • Effect: Added new explosion effect for Hydra rockets
  • Portal: Enabled double-clicking to join a server
  • Net code: Network bandwidth improvements and fixed the estimated bandwidth
  • Balancing: Team kills will only reduce the cash from the team killer and not any longer from the team cash
  • Portal: Player numbers in the server list should be accurate now (still working on optimization and the Ping update)
  • Balancing: Conquest-caps drop much slower now when a team lost all flags but still has people in game
  • Single Player: Fixed a bug where upon leaving the terminal after having equipped a teammate the camera would remain fixed and controls would remain disabled

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