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Battle Mages

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'Battle Mages' - v1.2 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Aug. 24, 2004 @ 7:17 p.m. PDT

Get the Battle Mages v1.2 Patch Off WP (3mb)


To install the patch, run bm1_2eng.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.

By default the patch will be installed to C:/Program Files/Buka/Battle Mages folder.
After the patch is installed, you can launch the game as usual: from the program files menu or directly from the Battle Mages folder, double-clicking on


Patch 1.2 fixes the following problems:


- "Warlord" perk is fixed;
- Spell description of some mage units are corrected;
- The game no longer crashes, when the troop dies at the moment you are disbanding it;
- The artifacts no longer appear on the cursor if the troop dies while you were moving objects in its inventory.
- Some phrases containing Cyrillic characters are corrected.


- It is possible now to play singleplayer maps, after downloading them from the Internet;
- It is possible now to play multiplayer maps not only via Gamespy, but directly, by entering the IP address of your opponent;
- You can re-cast a spell from the book without opening it, by pressing E;


- There is an experience cap for each map now. After the limit is reached the experience growth is significantly slowed;
- “Red magic" school is reinforced;
- Undead race is reinforced;
- Human mages are reinforced; The problem with the slow spell casting of “Mage” unit is fixed.


- New maps are available for downloading at our official site:;
- After you downloaded the map, unpack the .Zip file and copy its contents to the data subfolder of the folder where the game is installed to;
- Launch the game. The new maps will appear in the single payer maps or multiplayer maps menu.


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