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'Furry Tales' (PS2) Announced - Screens

by Judy on Aug. 25, 2004 @ 11:46 a.m. PDT

Furry Tales, developed by French Mad Monkey Studio, is a new action-RTS for PS2. Unlike most RTS on console, Furry Tales is not a simple PC game port and has been completely thought for console players providing unique and innovative gameplay as well as handy controls, high quality graphics (with anti-aliasing) and a cooperative mode.

After a thousand years of Warfare, the conflict between Sheep and Wolves has entered a new and delirious age : secret and terrifying weapons may soon change the course of the war.

So it's time to take sides !

You wanna shoot sheep for lunch ?!

Or make them wolves bite the dust !?

Whatever your choice, the captivating storyline will offer you great fun and surprises : you ain't likely to forget what a gigantic boss will do to win a battle !

Highly playable controls and the allegiance of heroes will help you to lead your armies to victory.

Through a fast and funny tutorial, you will learn both the principles of strategy and the hints of the game.

Stimulating stories with ever increasing degrees of difficulty will irresistibly drive you on to the end of the game.

With its madcap capers and side-splitting scenes, Furry Tales combines the best RTS principles with easy to learn controls and a vivid storyline to provide you with a unique gaming experience.

Key Features

  • Full 3D Game with great special effects
  • Charismatic and funny heroes, with different abilities
  • Unforgettable Bosses for your armies to fight against
  • 2-player cooperative mode to play together against the computer

Furry Tales is published by Phoenix Games and will be released during Q4 2004.

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