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Dark Fall: Lights Out

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Developer: XXv Productions
Release Date: Nov. 26, 2004

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'Dark Fall: Lights Out' Ships To Stores - Screens

by Judy on Aug. 26, 2004 @ 1:13 p.m. PDT

Dark Fall: Lights Out follows the story of Parker, a young cartographer sent to work in the Cornish harbor town of Trewarthen. Falling rocks have claimed the lives of many of the town’s fishermen, and Parker is sent to map the area. When the faithful light of Fetch Rock Lighthouse suddenly goes out, Parker discovers the Lighthouse hides an ancient and chilling secret..
Many lives have been lost on the lethal rocks surrounding the harbor town of Trewarthan. When a thick fog covers the land, the silence is shattered by the sound of a ghostly foghorn. Suddenly, Fetch Rock Lighthouse is plunged into darkness. In Dark Fall: Lights Out players follow Benjamin Parker, a young cartographer, sent to map the area, and Polly White, a ghost hunter determined to make contact with "the beyond," as they explore the Lighthouse throughout four different time periods.

The sequel to Dark Fall: The Journal, the title offers more than 50 realistic pre-rendered locations to explore in a startling ghost story weaved with multiple chilling subplots. Players will come across an original cast of characters as well as observe and interact with spectral beings in this adventure thriller.

"Dark Fall: Lights Out is the perfect follow up to Dark Fall: The Journal," says Richard Wah Kan, President of The Adventure Company. "XXv has created another original story and brought it together with a haunting setting and clever puzzles."

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