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'Newcastle United Club Football 2005' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Announced - Screens

by Judy on Aug. 27, 2004 @ 8:04 a.m. PDT

Codemasters' Club Football 2005 range is pulling on an additional set of colours when the famous black and white stripes of Newcastle United join the unique football game range. Codemasters confirmed today it has secured the rights to publish Newcastle United Club Football 2005, the club's official video game.

The Newcastle United signing is a powerful addition for the Club Football 2005 range of games, which will encompass an individual game for the top clubs, when it launches this October for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

In Newcastle United Club Football 2005, Shearer, Bellamy, Butt, Kluivert, Given and the Magpies' entire first team have been individually 3D modelled in striking visual detail for the game and St. James' Park has been accurately computer modelled from architectural drawings and detailed photographs, right down to the real sponsor hoardings and banners. You can even put yourself in the game, complete with your name on the shirt in the game's career mode where you hone your skills in preparation to play for the first team.

Says Trevor Garwood, Director of Commercial Affairs at Newcastle United Football Club:

"We were very impressed with Codemasters' debut range and we are delighted to see Newcastle United joining the Club Football 2005 range. We're confident that Newcastle United Club Football 2005 will be one of the major players this season."

Newcastle United joins the range which already boasts over 20 top UK and continental European football clubs from Manchester United Club Football 2005 to Real Madrid Club Football 2005. New English signings also include Tottenham Hotspur Club Football 2005 and Birmingham City Club Football 2005.

For the new season, the Club Football 2005 range is bigger and bolder with a new game engine to power faster and more responsive gameplay. With twice the amount of official team content in each game, great skill moves and new game modes including Career, Practice and classic Scenarios, the new Club Football 2005 range will bring players even closer to the heart of the action and the heart of their team.


  • Play a real game of football for Newcastle United: Faster action and new animation system makes for incredibly responsive gameplay, plus, the new Precision Trigger control feature.
  • More matches! As well as playing for Newcastle United, you can play as over 250 European clubs with 2-8 multiplayer games!
  • More detailed exclusive Newcastle United football action, photos and videos than any other football game! Play in Domestic, European and Custom matches and tournaments, plus new game modes:
  • Career: Build and develop yourself as a custom first-team player in the new career mode and earn credits to improve skills.
    • Use the optional Career Player Focus to play only your man on the pitch so you have complete control over what he does. Not getting much ball action? Then Call For The Ball – your teammates will look for you to pass to; but if you're in a bad position you may be ignored!
    • Practice: Perfect your shooting, passing, crossing, dribbling and skill moves.
    • Scenarios: Putting the pressure on, it's your chance to play a part in a classic Newcastle United cliff-hanger match. These short term challenges, throws you into the middle of match, which needs real skill to rescue a win!
  • Precision Trigger - all new precise control feature for close up play. You've got the ball – now use the Precision Trigger and get closer control of your player and dictate the next few crucial moves: drag the ball back or take it sideways create an extra yard, beat your man and have the space to fire your best shot at the goal before the other side does.
  • Real skills: A host of new skill moves including: the Quick 135-degree pass, dummies, fakes, cancels and fine positioning adjustment.
  • Double the amount of official club content! The most official, team-specific content of any football game including an exclusive and individual opening sequence, filmed at the club. All new Club Album section with masses of memorabilia to unlock through the new credit points system, including behind the scenes videos created especially for the games.
  • Incredibly detailed players and stunning visual effects: The most detailed head and body modelling system enhanced with new player facial animations displaying real detail and emotional quality. A bespoke atmospheric lighting system lifts and accentuates the action on the pitch.

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