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Crusader Kings

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox

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'Crusader Kings' - v1.04 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Aug. 29, 2004 @ 11:19 p.m. PDT

Get the Crusader Kings v1.04 [English] patch off WP (3.5mb)

Changes done to 1.04


- Fixed an MP ctd.
- Fixed some positionings and errors in MP lobby.
- Fixed the CTD when saving.
- Fixed one repeatable CTD reported in several savegames.
- Rearranged some provinces to default duchies in Northen Sweden.
- Fixed some broken triggers in the improvement events.
- Fixed the some broken effects in the regency events.
- Crusader Events now only fire for catholics.
- Schizophrenia is now given in the intended illness event.
- Fixed a bug which caused the periodic piety/prestige from buildings to not get added to the ruler.
- No longer possible for a catholic to appoint an orthodox as bishop and vice versa.
- Fixed the technological holes (Bremen, Lubusz etc)
- Fixed the problem with no Ilkhanate reinforcements on difficulty setting 2
- Courtiers under 16 will no longer choose to leave the court.
- Rulers will no longer be accused of cowardice for not commanding regiments when they are under 16.
- You now also get the opportunity b) to deny the Teutonic Knights land like the other orders.


- Tweaked down the MTTH and effect from embezzlement.
- Reduced the scaled values for basically all events.
- Tweaked a few lordship events.
- Chaplain must now be of rulers religion.
- Country cousins are now always males.
- Scaled mercenary events and also made them more frequent..
- Rebalanced province improvements alot.
- Tweaked evil events.
- Prestige when marrying now never lower than 0.


- Added in some new character names.
- Renamed the culture latin to occitan.
- Tweaked some databases for EU2 exporting.
- Fixed a bug which caused fortlevels to be practically eliminated from EU2 scenarios.
- Tweaked tax-income values from EU2 converter.
- Increased population in cities from eu2 converter, and made it dependant on a lot more factors.


***** 1066 Scenario *****

* Hungary
- Árpád dynasty greatly expanded/altered
- Géza Árpád in Trencin, Duke of Nyitra (SLOV)
- SLOV tag renamed to Nyitra
- Géza Árpád has a claim to the throne of Hungary now
- Archbishopry in Esztergom (PRES)
- László Árpád in Bihar, now a vassal of Géza Árpád
- King Salamon's demesnes: Pressburg, Sopron, Marmaros and Székelyföld
- Fejer is a county
- Ják dynasty in Vas
- Csák dynasty in Fejer
- Poth dynasty in Szekezfehervar
- Guthkeled Gút in Pécs
- Guthkeled Vid in Bács
- Csanád dynasty in Temes
- Szalók dynasty in Feher
- Borkalán dynasty in Pest
- Aba dynasty in Heves and Saris
- Balog dynasty in Gemer
- Hontpázmány dynasty in Nitra
- Szemere dynasty in Orava
- Kaplyon dynasty in Bereg
- Added ancestry, wives and children for the above where missing

* Sweden
- tweaked the religion of the provinces
- Norrland duchy removed. Counts independent.
- Uppland duchy created. Duke is Erik Anundsson, who now has a claim on King of Sweden
- Erik Stenkilsson made king
- fixed some issues with the Munsö dynasty

* Denmark
- Björn Svendsson made duke of Slesvig
- Holstein to duchy of Slesvig

- Did alot of rework in 1066 province setup to support religious setup
- Basque and Occitan cultures introduced and fixed
- "Saint Anna" character removed - dupl. of Ingegärd
- "Bonifacio", wife of Bonifacio of Mantua, now has the correct female name.
- Bernard-Beranger of Narbonne has correct father
- Created some proper Scandinavian dynasty names
- Mihajlo Vojislav's father Stefan fixed.
- The son and heir of the count of Steiermark now has the same dynasty has his father
- lots of other issues

- **** 1337 Scenario ****

* Germany
- Altmark to Brandenburg
- Passau to Bavaria
- Verdun(Bar) vassal of France. Bar dynasty
- Raoul/Rudolf's exwife fixed - she was not the daughter of Longshanks
- Andernach to Köln

* France
- Forqualqier to Naples (as a part of ct of Provence)
- King of France has claims on the English holdings in France
- De Coucy dynasty in Amiens actually named "de Coucy" and expanded.
- King slightly higher stewardship value
- King also has some appr. dukal titles: Languedoc, Champagne...
- Capet dynasty and it's branches extended quite a bit
- County of Narbonne created. Vicomte Aimery
- Charles d'Espagne of Angouleme moved to Lusignan
- Angouleme and Saintonge provinces to England
- Macon to Burgundy

* British Isles
- Alice de Lacy's family relations expanded
- Eleanor Douglas countess of Carrick
- Hampshire to Suffolk
- Laurence Hastings count of Dyfed (1st Earl of Pembroke)
- John Charleton in Powys
- "Mormaer" dynasty renamed "of Mar"
- Douglas dynasty in Galloway
- Royal English demesne expanded (Wales, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol now crownland).
- a few stronger English castles
- English Ireland:
- duchy of Ireland elective to represent the non-heriditary Lordship
- John Darcy Lord of Ireland
- James Butler in Urmunu
- FitzGeralds in Desmond and Osraige
- de Burgh in [Lower] Connacht
- Native Ireland:
- O'Brien in Thomond
- MacMurrough in Leinster
- O'Rourke in Sligo (Breifne)
- O'Domnaill in Tir Conaill
- O'Neill in Tir Eoghain
- O'Malley in Mayo

* Balkans & Hungary
- Belgrade to Serbia
- Nikola Zahumlje count of Zachlumia (Zahumlje).
- Mladen Subic count of Senj. dynasty created.
- Usora to Bosnia
- Veglia to Croatia
- Frangepan dynasty in Veglia
- Duchy of Croatia+Slavonia created, holder Miklos Prodanics
- Zagreb and Varazdin to Slavonia
- King of Hungary also king of Croatia
- Tamás Szécsényi Duke of Temes (irl Transylvania)
- Janos Vardai count of Bihar
- Meggyesi dynasty in Marmaros
- Alliance with Poland (as of the Treaty of Trencin in 1335)
- Osli dynasty in Krizeci, other brances in Vas and Sopron
- Telegdi dynasty in Csanad
- Ezstergom a bishopry, Bishop Csanad Telegdi
- Koszegi dynasty in Bacs
- Csak (de Trencin) family in Trencin
- Balassa dynasty in Gemes (Zolyomi) and Saris
- Bathori dynasty in Abauj
- Szentgyölgy in Bereg
- Debreneci in Heves

* Poland
- Piast dynasty expanded
- alliance with Hungary (as of the Treaty of Trencin in 1335)

* Baltics
- Teutonic order gets the correct headmaster
- County of Livs control Livland+Kurland to simulate the Livonian Order, Eberhard von Monstein grandmaster
- Bishopry of Samland (Samia) instituted. Bishop Johann
- Bishopry of Riga (prov Lettig.) instituted. Bishop Friedrich von Pernstein
- Bishopry of Dorpat created, bishop Engelbert von Dolen

* Italy
- Milan now a duchy. Salic primo
- Verona now a duchy. Salic primo
- expanded Visconti family in Milan
- Istria to Venice. The title did belong to Aquileia but Venice ruled it de facto
- Liege of Aquileia, Treviso, Saluces set Germany
- Fixed the d'Este family
- Piombino to Pisa
- Ancona now a republic

* Low Countries
- culture setup tweaked

* Asia minor
- Kingdom of Armenia removed. Removed Leo and Constanza d'Aragon (duplicates of the family in Armenica Minor)
- Leo of Armenia [minor] made Armenian Orthodox. Dynasty added.
- Expanded Armenian and Cypriot dynasties
- Connected Bagratuni branches in Imeritia, kingdom of Georgia and Principality of Georgia
- Abkhazia to Imeritia
- Nikomedia to the Turks. They controlled most of the province, if not the city - which fell to them in a few months from gamestart anyway
- Fixed some issues with Osman and Orhan the Ottomans

* Other
- Since claims generally are twice as costly in 1337, starting prestige changed to 250
- Some dynasties added
- Universities in the cities that had them: Bologna, Paris, Modena, Oxford, Padua, etc

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