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WWE Day of Reckoning

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'WWE Day of Reckoning' (NGC) Ships To Stores

by Judy on Aug. 30, 2004 @ 9:34 a.m. PDT

"We're confident that WWE Day of Reckoning captures all the action, excitement and attitude of the world-recognized World Wrestling Entertainment brand," stated Phillip Holt, Vice President of Product Development, THQ. "WWE Day of Reckoning delivers the GameCube's most comprehensive WWE experience to date with its compelling story mode, graphical upgrades and inclusion of new features including legends and licensed music."

"WWE licensed videogames are becoming deeper than ever, and we're pleased to give GameCube fans a solid addition to their library with WWE Day of Reckoning," said Nelo Lucich, Vice President of Interactive, JAKKS Pacific. "This year's GameCube title introduces classic superstars to the roster, and captures the realism of WWE programming, bringing the fans even closer to the action through this exclusive Nintendo GameCube release."

Developed by Yuke's Co., Ltd. of Japan, WWE Day of Reckoning features more than 40 WWE Superstars including John Cena(TM), Eddie Guerrero(TM) and Randy Orton(TM). New features include an all-new story mode, entitled, "School of Hard Knocks," where players start in the "minor leagues" of sports entertainment and take their created Superstar up the ranks of the WWE. Throughout the story mode, players will encounter several deceptive twists in their elusive quest for a WWE contract and Superstar status. WWE Day of Reckoning also showcases several WWE Legends, including Andre the Giant(TM), Brett Hart(TM) and Roddy Piper(TM), giving WWE Day of Reckoning a massive stable of overall talent. In addition, WWE Day of Reckoning features the ever-popular Bra & Panty match, a first for a GameCube product. In addition to Superstar entrances, licensed music will be featured throughout the game for the first time. An enhanced grappling system with strong and weak grapples, location specific damage, unique Superstar attributes and improved presentation all serve to make WWE Day of Reckoning the deepest WWE title on GameCube to date.

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