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'Cuban Missile Crisis' - Screens

by Judy on Aug. 7, 2004 @ 5:36 a.m. PDT

1C and G5 Software companies will develop a new 3D RTS on motives of the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' (previously known as Caribbean Crisis). Game engine will be a modified Blitzkrieg engine. But game will not carry a historical reliability, in this Caribbean crisis the USSR and the USA will exchange nuclear attacks. In game there will be 4 campaigns: for the USSR, France, Germany, China, the USA and Great Britain. Read more for the latest screens ...

1962, Cuba

The United States have strengthened scouting activity. The number of scouts and saboteurs caught by Soviet and Cuban intelligence services was increasing. American planes U-2 conducted continuous photo reconnaissance of the Cuban territory, and the information delivered by these super high-altitude scouts were of great value to the U.S. National Security Council. Therefore it was decided that if Cubans will bring down even a single U-2, the island will be immediately bombed. There was such a strain on relations, that any, even a small armed conflict, could provoke large-scale hostilities with the use of the nuclear weapon…

On October, 27, 1962 the first battalion of the rocket regiment under the command of lieutenant colonel Solovyev J.A. in the air space of Cuba brought down the plane-scout U-2, piloted by R. Andersen, the major of the U.S. Air Forces…

The world found itself on the edge of self-destruction.

Cuba turned into a contaminated island. Soviet military bases and large cities like Moscow, Leningrad, and Ekaterinburg were hit by USA nuclear missiles. USSR destroyed Washington, New York, Los Angeles, cities of the Western Europe, USA military bases in Turkey, Italy, Western Germany. UK used nuclear weapons against Warsaw Pact countries. The map of the world was now covered with radioactive craters, fires, and nuclear clouds.

Horrified by its own madness, the humanity came to the understandings that clear earth and water are now the most valuable resources needed for what's left of the population to survive. The second phase of the 3rd World War began: the conventional armament was used in the war for the clear resources, the war for the survival...

Caribbean Crisis is a real-time strategy game with the turn-based operative mode and real-time tactical mode. The game is set in the alternative history setting and features historically-accurate locations and units of 1960s. Caribbean Crisis's real-time tactical mode is a modification of Nival Interactive's Blitzkrieg game.

Key Features:

  • Alternative history line assuming The Cuban Missile crisis provoked a nuclear disaster back in 1962
  • Turn-based strategy mode and Blitzkrieg's real-time strategy mode combined in one game
  • About 40 missions in 4 campaigns: USSR, French-German union, China, USA-UK union
  • New unit types: helicopters, missile troops, intelligence troops
  • Contaminated zones: radioactive and chemical, affecting performance of troops and armament
  • Maximum usage of Blitzkrieg engine potential

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