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'ShellShock: Nam’67' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Ships To Stores

by Judy on Sept. 10, 2004 @ 11:23 a.m. PDT

Eidos today announced that it has shipped to stores across North America the highly-anticipated ShellShock: Nam’67 for the PS2, Xbox and PC. It will be available on store shelves beginning Tuesday, September 14th.

ShellShock: Nam’67 revolves around a gripping journey of one young man’s first tour of duty in the jungles of Vietnam in 1967. Never has a war been depicted with such realism, with no censorship of the horrors of war. Players will experience first hand the atrocities of war such as torture, ambushes, and questionable actions from friendly soldiers.

In ShellShock: Nam’67 players take on the role of a nameless soldier during his first tour of duty. Mission types are varied throughout the game. Players may be tasked with missions involving their platoons, clearing a village, taking strategic positions, and entering urban areas. Secret assassination missions will send players deep into an enemy base alone in an attempt to take out a designated target and make it out alive. An array of genuine weapons from the Vietnam era will be used in ShellShock: Nam’67.

“ShellShock Nam: 67 is the first Vietnam based war game on the market for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. We’ve seen World War II done in many war-based games, but this is the first game that will take players into one of, if not the most, controversial conflicts of the 20th century. This game delivers one of the most realistic depictions of war gamers can currently experience.” says Wyman Jung, associate product manager for ShellShock Nam’67.

ShellShock: Nam’67 was developed by Guerrilla Studios.

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