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Hostile Intent

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action

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'Hostile Intent' - v1.3.5 Mod Update Available NOW

by Judy on Sept. 13, 2004 @ 12:56 a.m. PDT

Hostile Intent is a Total Conversion for Half-life that rose from the ashes from The Sherman Project. Eventhough the concept behind Hostile intent hasn't changed, it is in fact different from The Sherman Project. Every original feature for The Sherman Project is still in, but the new team has thought of many new original ideas and concepts.

Get the Hostile Intent v1.3.5 Mod off Worthplaying (36mb)

Here is the coding changelog for the 1.3 version:

  • fixed corpses changing to ghille suit model when a player disconnects
  • fixed connecting player not being placed under "Spectators" on the scoreboard
  • new burst fire system (hold the trigger to fire the whole burst)
  • added hi_round_timer entity (to change the amount of time left in the round)
  • if you switch weapons while priming a grenade, you drop it
  • decreased weapon switch delay slightly
  • increased prone mouse speed a bit
  • new walk and strafe animations
  • added walk_backwards and crouch_walk_backwards animations
  • added admin scoreboard icon (server reads steam ids from admins.txt and gives matching players an icon on the scoreboard)
  • added next_rof and prev_rof commands (cycles through the fire modes without looping from auto -> safe, for example)
  • the ROF the player had set at the end of the previous round is now remembered when the next round starts
  • a player who has been kicked by a vote too many times gets banned (max vote kicks and ban duration set by server)
  • added sv_maxvotekicks and sv_votebanlength to control the above point
  • added bullet penetration
  • All server log messages have been updated to use Steam IDs instead of WON IDs
  • fixed team selection vgui not coming up automatically after map change
  • disabled cl_bob, cl_bobcycle, and cl_bobup
  • added variable hi_roundbreak; allows server to set the amount of time between rounds (default 3 seconds)
  • added the back/forward arrows to the team selection menu. back = close, forward = auto team
  • added a toggle crouch command. Bind a key to "duck_t", or use the controls menu.
  • many other small fixes and tweaks

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