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Far Cry

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Crytek

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'Far Cry' - v1.1 CryENGINE SDK Update Available NOW

by Judy on Sept. 15, 2004 @ 9:02 a.m. PDT

Get the v1.1 Far Cry SDK off WP (30mb)

Features :

- fixed Maya5 Polybump plugin
- fixed not working antialising in Maya5 Polybump plugin
- included Maya6 Polybump plugin
- updated Maya Polybump .pdf file
- included Max6 Polybump plugin
- included ScriptObjectSystem.pdf
- included ScriptObjectGame.pdf
- included Max6 CryExporter
- included Maya6 CryExporter
- AI description document
- Updated physics document

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