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'Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends' (PS2) - Screens

by Judy on Sept. 2, 2004 @ 9:02 p.m. PDT

Rally the Troops! Reinforcements Have Arrived! KOEI's award-winning internal studio, Omega Force, the creators of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors introduces its newest heroes in Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends. Take on the role of four new legendary warriors, each in a unique story with branches and multiple endings. By your own hand, you will forge a new destiny for Japan!

Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends (SWXL) can be used as an expansion pack, but it can also be played without the original Samurai Warriors (PS2) disc. When the original Samurai Warriors is remixed with SWXL, all of the new XL features will be available. SWXL is exclusive to the PlayStation2.


  • Four new playable warriors!
  • Lead a campaign on the new Battlefield of Komaki-Nagakute!
  • New VS mode stages, new Survival mode course and new difficulty levels.
  • Added 6th weapon level and upgrade system.
  • New items and skills.
  • Redesigned 2P Musou attack.
  • Modified Character Growth System and Character Potentials, improved balance and A.I., new levels of difficulty, and much more!
  • Bonus Visual Encyclopedia!
  • Memory card data from Samurai Warriors is compatible with Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends.


As a standalone game, SWXL's Story mode tells of the tales of four legendary warriors. In SWXL's unmixed Free mode, gamers can play the new Story mode
stages using any of the 15 original characters or SWXL's four new characters.

The game's four new playable characters are Tadakatsu Honda- Loyal Samurai, Warrior Princess Inahime, Hideyoshi Hashiba- Unifier of Japan, and Warlord
Yoshimoto Imagawa!

Tadakatsu Honda - Loyal Samurai

The mighty Honda emerged from 57 battles completely unscathed. One of Ieyasu's most loyal retainers, Honda, at the Battle of Komaki-Nagakute, was separated from Ieyasu's main army. Honda and his unit single-handedly faced Hideyoshi's army, thereby proving his inexhaustible bravery. Praised for his qualities by allies and enemies alike, Honda's main weapon is the legendary Iron Spear.

Warrior Princess Inahime

An imposing warrior, and daughter of Tadakatsu Honda, Inahime is a proud and graceful woman possessing ancient Japanese grace and values. Though the bow
is her main weapon, her splendid movements and beauty are sufficient to fell almost any enemy.


SWXL includes the original 18 maps plus the new Battlefield of Komaki-Nagakute, for a total of 19 maps.


When Samurai Warriors is remixed with SWXL, the new SWXL characterizations will appear in the stories of other characters. For example, if you play Nobunaga's Tale in the original Samurai Warriors, at the Battle of Okehazama, Tadakatsu Honda will appear with his new design rather than in a standard officer uniform. Honda will also have his new XL abilities!


New Vs. Mode Stages, New Survival Mode Course

  • Along with three new stages in Vs mode, SWXL includes a new Survival mode stage and two additional difficulty settings.
  • Redesigned 2P Musou Attack! Based on user feedback, each player now has a separate Musou attack gauge.

New 6th Weapon Level, Power Up Items & Skills

  • SWXL includes a new weapon level for all 19 characters. Furthermore, in the game's new weapon system, players can power-up their weapons by paying a blacksmith or by purchasing items.
  • SWXL includes many opportunities to find and gather new power up items and exclusive skills to boost character growth.

Modified Character Growth System

  • With SWXL's new Character growth system, the old max levels from the original Samurai Warriors are obsolete. If a player finishes Samurai Warriors with a "maxed" character, playing the remixed game will continue to raise the character's ability levels.

Bonus Encyclopedia

  • SWXL's in-depth Encyclopedia includes detailed information about the historical events and warriors depicted in the game.

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