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'All-Star Football Challenge' Launched

by Judy on Sept. 20, 2004 @ 7:11 a.m. PDT

Players now can take on their friends in a game of head-to-head football action with the launch of the new EA SPORTS branded two-player web game, All-Star Football Challenge from Electronic Arts. This free web football game brings a two-player mode and four new teams to the already popular All-Star Football series. Players can gear up for the competition at

Adding to the existing 10-team lineup, All-Star Football Challenge brings the Los Angeles Dragons, Atlanta Aces, Pittsburgh Yellowjackets and the St. Louis Knights to the mix, giving players more choices in the showdown to prove who is king of the gridiron.

All-Star Football Challenge is a football fan's dream with its new 2-player feature. Written in Java and requiring no plug-ins, All-Star Football Challenge sports 14 teams each with unique strengths and player stats. From a top-down perspective, users pick the play and control the Quarterback to scramble, dish-off to the running back or pass to make their way to the end zone. On defense, players can call the shots as defensive coordinator; call the right plays and key match-ups to prevent the opponent from scoring. The more you play, the more your player can get promoted based on his performance and reach the coveted All-Star Gold status.

Game Features:

  • Two-player mode
  • 14 teams: Four new teams -- Los Angeles Dragons, Atlanta Aces, Pittsburgh Yellowjackets, and the St. Louis Knights
  • Top-down view of the field
  • Choose from 6 plays on offense and 6 plays on defense
  • One-button passing
    Defensive play-calling, and boost meter to increase a team's defensive ability
  • Defensive playback of the action as it unfolds
  • Promote players based on their performance
  • Fake out other players on the field for long gains
  • In-game bonuses for jackpot spins

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