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Monster Hunter

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Genre: Action

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'Monster Hunter' (PS2) Available in Stores

by Judy on Sept. 21, 2004 @ 9:48 a.m. PDT

Monster Hunter offers gamers the challenge of exploring vastly detailed environments, confronting mammoth creatures and completing numerous quests. The game can be enjoyed either single player offline or with up to four friends online.

In Monster Hunter, creatures from all walks of life coexist with mankind. The struggle to hunt or be hunted rules the land. As monster hunters, players will face a variety of quests and battle against powerful beasts either alone or with the aid of others. Players begin by creating and customizing their very own character, selecting the type of hair, face, voice, and other various features they want their monster hunter to possess. Monster Hunter unfolds as expeditions are revealed and players are given the option to choose between the wide ranges of challenging assignments they would like to undertake. Hunters will be richly rewarded for every accomplished objective, allowing them to upgrade weapons and equipment.

"Monster Hunter is a game truly epic in scope," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom USA. "From the very beginning of creating your own character's physical appearance and attributes, to photo realistic environments and larger than life quests, Monster Hunter is a genre defining must play."

With online multiplayer scenarios, gamers can participate in group play of up to four players to work as a team to vanquish powerful monsters and accomplish tasks. Teams must work together to create traps for unsuspecting monsters or distract a monster's attention as one member tries to escape from a dragon's nest toting an enormous egg. Hunters will be overwhelmed by the possibilities of online play as Monster Hunter reveals the expansive world that awaits them.

Monster Hunter includes the following features:

  • Richly detailed and diverse environments – Explore breathtaking landscapes that are richly detailed and marvel at the surroundings that encompass the world of Monster Hunter
  • Online and offline gameplay options –
    • Up to four friends can play simultaneously online to hunt monsters and accomplish various objectives or choose to single handedly to take on diverse quests.
    • Village Lobbies – Villages within Monster Hunter have lobbies which allow online players to chat and join up to create hunting groups and tackle missions
  • Character customization – Players can create and modify their main character. Various customizable attributes include name, gender, hairstyle, face, and voice.
  • Create your own unique equipment – Not only can weapons and armor be obtained by purchasing them, but can also be created from monster claws, scales and other various materials that can be collected
  • Exclusive online content – For additional replay value, new quests featuring unique sets of enemies and objectives can be accessed online. Some special items can only be obtained through completing exclusive online missions.

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