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Myst IV Revelation

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

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'Myst IV Revelation' Gets Peter Gabriel Voicework & Soundtrack

by Judy on Sept. 22, 2004 @ 1:12 a.m. PDT

Within the visually awe-inspiring world of Myst, a gripping family drama will slowly unfold. Players will escape into the adventure as they attempt to solve the mystery and discover the fate of the two villainous brothers, Sirrus and Achenar. Understanding their motives is the key to the investigation which will lead to a true "revelation."

While researching, playing the game hands-on, and working on the soundtrack, Peter Gabriel became inspired by the "zen" world of Serenia - one of the picturesque Ages in the game. He was enchanted by the monks and was honored to be asked to do the voiceover for the gateway to Serenia.

"When Myst came out I thought it succeeded well in creating a feeling of other worlds in which mystery and imagination were the compelling elements instead of the usual action-packed 'shoot 'em ups'," said Peter Gabriel, world-renowned recording artist. "I think there is some similarity with the way I try and create worlds of sound. I very much enjoyed working on Myst IV Revelation."

Jack Wall composed an immersive and ambient soundtrack luring players into the depths of the Myst world. Myst IV Revelation's music and sound capture a universal and ethereal feeling and tone, which complements the innovative artistic landscapes.

"It was such a privilege and pleasure to work with Peter Gabriel. His voice contribution is wonderful and the song he wrote and performed is a perfect fit to the soundtrack. The Warsaw Village Band, the Slovak Radio Orchestra and the Los Angeles Choir helped to create a soundtrack as compelling as the visuals and gameplay," said Jack Wall, composer for Myst IV Revelation. "The developers at Ubisoft were totally passionate about making this game the best in the series and the music, and audio teams supported me all the way."

Myst IV Revelation, PC/Mac hybrid DVD-Rom, launches in Europe on 1st October 2004 at the manufacturer's suggest retail price of £34.99

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