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'ESPN NBA 2K5' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens & Trailer

by Judy on Sept. 24, 2004 @ 1:54 p.m. PDT

Get the ESPN NBA 2K5 trailer off WP (7/8mb)

Much like playing basketball, running a basketball franchise is a team effort. In ESPN NBA 2K5, gamers will realize all the joy and pain of running pro basketball operations through several key features found in ESPN NBA 2K5’s new franchise mode, The Association.

Every NBA team has their scrubs, rookies, role players, and superstars, and as a general manager in ESPN NBA 2K5, to maintain a winning record means keeping tabs on Team Chemistry. Each NBA franchise has a different Team Chemistry rating -- higher Team Chemistry means greater benefits to the team. Several factors can affect the increase or decrease of Team Chemistry including win/loss record, making the playoffs, intensity of weekly training, and player trades. But one of the biggest factors in maintaining good Team Chemistry is managing Player Personalities.

Almost every week in an NBA season when playing The Association, a team player will visit the general manager with a specific question or situation that he would like addressed. Every virtual athlete in ESPN NBA 2K5 has a different Player Personality and depending on the general manager’s response, Team Chemistry can increase or decrease dramatically. Players can come asking for more playing time, for more time off, or even just to blow off some steam to see you’re the general manager’s response. As the general manager, it’s not just about managing the budget but also dealing with different player behaviors.

When it comes to managing games, ESPN NBA 2K5 introduces a brand new simulation system, Full Authority, giving the user ultimate control in simulating games during the season. In a Full Authority sim, each quarter is divided into two different periods and the gamer must select different offensive and defensive strategies and abilities for each player. After strategies and abilities are selected, the user is treated to highlights based on the decisions made. Depending on the success of decisions, gamers can increase the number of shots to specific players, open new special abilities, make substitutions after each simulation period, and much more. Through Full Authority, players retain full control of simulated games like never before.

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